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Challenge 1

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1. winter
2. football
3. harvest
4. carnival
6. summer
7. st Patricks day
8. Halloween


New Member
Winter event 2019
forge bowl
Fall event
Spring event
? girl in gingham dress dress is a mystery for me.
St. Patrick's Day


New Member
1.- Winter Event
2.- Forge bowl Event
3.- Fall Event
4.- Archaeology Event
5.- Spring Event
6.- Summer Event
7.- Saint Patrick´s Event
8.- Halloween Event
US Server
East nagach

Jaana Lord

New Member
Second Challenge
1 Winter Event
2 Forge Bowl Event
3 Fall Event
4 Archaelogy Event
5 Spring Event
6 Summer Event
7 St. Patrick's Day Event
8 Halloween Event


New Member
1: Winter Event
2: Forge Bowl Event
3: Fall Event
4: Archaeology Event
5: Spring Event
6: Summer Event
7: St Patrick's Day Event
8: Halloween Event


New Member
1) Winter Event
2) Forge Bowl Event
3) Fall Event
4) Archeology Event
5) Spring Event
6) Summer Event
7) St Patrick’s Day Event
8) Halloween Event
1. Christmas event
2. Forge bowl
3. Fall event
4. Archaeology event
5. Spring event
6. Summer event
7. Saint Patrick’s (paddies) event
8. Halloween event


1= Winter Event
2= Forge Bowl
3= Fall Event
4=Archaeology Event
5= Spring Event
6= Summer Event
7= St. Patricks Day
8= Halloween


New Member
This took some research since I have not been playing the game for that long. At least it doesn't feel like I have. So here it goes, these are my guesses,

1 Winter Event
2 Forge Bowl Event
3 Fall Event
4 May Day Event
5 Spring Lanterns Event
6 Summer Event
7 St Patrick's Day Event
8 Trick or Treat Halloween Event

Can you at least let me know if any are right. Even if I don't win, I would like to know haha.
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