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Chamaize Recruiting

dolce darcia

New Member
Hi all. My former Guild Lead left this guild to me and now I'm trying to grow this guild.
Our guild was established at September 2019 and we're a fresh guild.

We are a tiny guild hoping to grow in numbers, and we’re currently recruiting all beginners and experts in this game!

Our goal is simple!
1) Respect other players.
3) Follow Fair Trades rule.
4) Daily Aids (Aids/Tavern Visits/FP GB Threads).
5) Help with Guild Treasuries.

- We keep GE2 open every week.
- We are in Platinum League for GBG.
- We do NOT participate in GvG.
- Discord Ch available.
- General FAQ and Info thread available on Guild Forum.

Fair Trades guide:
1:1 ratio if resources are from the same tier.
1:2 ratio if trading 1 tier down.
2:1 ratio if trading up 1 tier.

If you would like to do resource trading, come join us =D

Chamaize established Sept 20th, 2019.
Original Founder - Skylarkonhigh
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