CHAMPIONS recruiting "Active" members


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Greetings My Lords & Ladies,

The CHAMPIONS are recruiting "Active" members. We are just getting started in this world so please do not let the size of our guild fool you.
The truth be told the CHAMPIONS are well seated in 12 other worlds as well, with Dunarsund and Cirgard being our largest. Many of our members enjoy our Philosophy so much that they play in one or more of these worlds. This provides us with Seasoned members that are willing to help newer members grow whenever they can.

Here is our Philosophy~
♥ ~ Our citizen's believe in Fair Trades, our members use the FOE Fair Trade Calculator to help them post balanced trades.
♥ ~ Our citizens want team mates that are "Active." This means supporting with Trades, Lifting & Leveling GB's, P/M as regular as possible.
♥ ~ Our citizens are content to build their cities at their own pace, and play in occasional PVP battles....NO participation in GVG WARS.
♥ ~ Our citizens can learn how to avoid costly mistakes from Training Tips that are provided, and feedback from our seasoned members.
♥ ~ Our citizens just want to have FUN...therefore this is a NO DRAMA Zone♥

If this sounds like what you are looking for, and you think you can be what we are looking for then please contact ~ CCRose6
or respond to this message.

We are the CHAMPIONS....... and we look forward to "YOU" joining the team♥