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Do Not Suggest Change Guild Battlegrounds sector lockdown timings to increase competitiveness

Would you like to see my idea implemented?

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Hefimus Prime

New Member
Idea: Increase GBG competitiveness by adjusting all sector lockdown times and adjust building slot times. EXAMPLE:

>Ring 1 = lockdown time 4 hours – Camp time 2 hours

>Ring 2= lockdown time 2 hours – Camp time 1 hour

>Ring 3= lockdown time 1 hour– Camp time 30 minutes

>Ring 4= lockdown time 30 minutes– Camp time 15 minutes

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? I only found complaints surrounding 2 Guilds controlling the map, other Guilds looking for better competition and the Guild matching algorithm flaw / or possible bug / Guild balancing concern.

Reason: It is well known, and several complaints/remarks made regarding 2 guilds controlling the entire map and pinning all other competition. These Guilds harness the ability to solely decide at what position each remaining Guild can place in the current session and their ability to even contend at all, this Dominant control of GBG not only reduces competition but further dictates which Guilds will remain in the current session league or be reduced to a lower league.

Rewards from GBG can help all players grow more rapidly and become more competitive in all game aspects. The current GBG set up shuns competition at all levels.

Details: By Changing sector timings this now increases the competition level those smaller / weaker opponents who have advanced to a higher league have. This will also increase the strategic approach these 2 Guild tag teams use to lockdown the entire map. Not to fault those players or Guilds who have played longer or worked hard to get to their levels and create alliances, if the GBG matching algorithm needs to be adjusted for match making so be it, however I think this approach will begin to create more balance of competition along with more alliances or at least temporary agreements to make the game more enjoyable for those playing and create stronger players throughout the game to increase competition abroad.

This complete control imbalance is punishing the entire game, people will leave from just the sheer boredom of not being “allowed” in a sense to even compete.

Just as smaller opponents cannot have their cake and eat it too to keep achieving ultimate success each session, larger opponents cannot expect to have similar / favored opponents each session with the ability to “flip” the entire map every 4 hours. Over time this dominance factor has created the sideline affect and weaker competition.

Details: All opponents will possess the ability to advance inward from their HQ in a timelier approach, this will reduce the current “entire map lockdown” condition which is currently being taken advantage of. Opponents can strategize navigating inward to higher scoring sectors against opponents. Other opponents / alliances in surrounding sectors would have the ability to defend advancements (take sectors back after unlock time) which may come at increasing attrition costs due to adjacent loss of a sector or camp supports. The center map controlling Guilds would need to determine their strategy of defense. They may not be able to continuously fight off inward movements of opponents and suffer increasing attrition levels to maintain the “entire map sector flipping” process with other alliances. This may or may not create new alliances or we may simply have to find a way to fight our enemies (maybe Traps now become more useful).

Balance: Could provide more ability for all players to advance at a more rapid pace and create more competition in all game aspects depending on their participation in GBG and obtaining rewards. Adjustments needed are only to sector lockdown times in GBG and allocated “building times” for sector buildings, there should be adjustments to match building times with sector lockdown times for fairness to all, I used camp time adjustment in idea header as an example since these are the most used buildings currently and obviously would not be possible to build a 2-hour camp on a 30-minute sector without the use of diamonds.

Abuse Prevention: A map I am looking at in a current session does have 2 sectors 2 guilds could use to continuously flip in ring 3 every hour if sector timings were adjusted while they both remain stationary in surrounding sectors. The 5 sector set ups allows 2 guilds the ability to each own 2 adjacent sectors with total of 4 camp supports, although there would still be a 4% attrition this could be thought of as an exploit. Camp supports come random on each map so this may not always be the case, this could also be considered as more rewarding areas to compete with and could be prevented by other opponents. In all it might just increase more competition if a random map set up provides this.

Summary: Minor sector timing lockdown adjustments and building times (for Siege camps /other buildings) could greatly increase the competition level in GBG along with activity and enjoyment for "all" players. I believe these are minor changes to the current battle system in GBG.


FOE Team
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