So basically jaelis, the message system will not be fixed for over a month?
Cause first we have to properly format the proposal. Then wait two weeks.
Then vote on it. Then what? Wait two to three months before the developers get a clue on how to program?
What joke!


This new system makes it nearly impossible to figure out what is going on. Lots of players in our guild are just not reading the messages at all. Especially with the So & So has left business.

Please change back and then listen to the players about what is really needed.


Actually no, what your describing is a very best case scenario. Inno had all of this information at its disposal and released the new message system regardless. Don't ask me why.

Anybody over there ever thought two seconds before allowing the intern--who's been there 2 months, never played the game, and will be gone in the next two months----to make massive changes to the game??? It wasn't broke, why in the world was it "fixed"?


If you were participating in the Beta world, you would know that the current Beta release suppresses the Leave messages.
You can not fool me. They don't use the beta server nor do they listen to anyone on the forums. If they did, we would not be in this mess.
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Anything is better then what we have now. I would support this.

Hell I'd support a can and string.


You can not fool me. They don't use the beta server nor do they listen to anyone on the forums. If they did, we would not be in this mess.
If this fiasco has taught us anything it's that once a "feature" is working as intended on beta it will soon be live. The problem with Inno is they don't use beta to address game design flaws, just bugs. This is something that really needs to change. As bad as the implementation of the new msg system was, it wasn't a bug. So as long as the new version works at surpassing the leave msgs then it will hit live in the next update.


GVG has suffered under new message system; most active message in guild is the leaving message... a 5 person GB team post their daily message 5 times and 50 members follow by leaving message and not reading or writing the causal social media responses of the past -- in hopes of helping social media.. Inno crushed multi-person conversation and inter-guild


This is the dumbest message system i have ever seen. I am seriously considering leaving the game unless this get fixed. It is so difficult to have any conversation with the other guild members. Thanks to Inno for completely screwing up the game .


This messaging debacle has been horrible on the part of Inno. I have guildmates who actually quit the game over this. And probably 90% of the remaining members will not even check their inbox, which means there is no viable communication between members and nothing is getting done, like in-house trades, raising GB's, etc. I am one of those that will not check the inbox. And I will not spend another dime on this game until this is repaired or repealed. Oh, and BTW, blinding me with the ultra-bright background and making me change the settings on my computer is not helping your cause.


I agree with the consensus that the Delete option needs to be brought back, and quickly. Talking with others in similar situations, the tension over this mail system change is causing discord within guilds. Leaders are asking members to not leave conversations, and there is growing resentment over the spamming/bulking nature of the mail system. If a user can delete and have the message renew at a later post, fine. The leave conversation button should be used to prevent future notices, but not at the expense of additional notifications. Just let it remove the name from the recipient list. Then if there is concern that so-and-so didn't receive a notice, the sender can verify if they are still in the loop, or send them a new message.


Moderators - Please pass on my opinion of the new messaging system to the moderators. I've expressed it in language they should understand: "Die neue e-Mail-Anwendung ist Scheiße!"


I am not surprised to see all the negative messages about the new messaging system. The system is a disaster. People leaving the thread = SPAM! Who cares who left the thread? Also, there appears to be no way to see who all is addressed in a thread, like the mouse-over in the old system, so you cannot even be sure you are reaching those to whom you wish to speak. Honestly, Inno would have done better to simply remove messaging altogether than to create such a mess.


What would really help is a response from INNO about what they plan to do to fix this.


There is a few issues with that...
1) Inno would have to care.
2) Inno would have to have a clue on how to fix it.
3) Inno would have to believe there is an issue that needs to be addressed.
4) Inno's intern went back to college. He/She will be back before Christmas and will fix the message system then.

Thanks for your support!


So... The RUMOR is a fix to the messaging system is coming.
What will be fixed?

Seriously considering quitting this game altogether over this...and I'm not the only one.

Some already have...