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Forwarded Change plunder icons on browser version to those seen on mobile

  • Thread starter DeletedUser36705
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Change the icons that appear in a city being plundered on the browser version (lightning bolts) to the icons in the mobile version (plunder man).

Current System
Browser and mobile have different symbols.

The lightning bolts on the browser version are grey and often difficult to see as they blend into many of the buildings. The plunder man stands out much more.

Abuse prevention
None needed as this is merely a visual change.

Visual Aids

This would be a small visual change that would make big difference for those of us who choose to plunder. There are 2 items on the DNSL that I anticipate folks will bring up here:
Bringing computer functions to mobile devices- This does not apply as it is a mobile function brought to the browser version.
Any proposal to alter, delete, or limit plundering- Though yes, by the letter of the rule this proposal seeks to "alter plundering" and I cannot speak to the intent of whoever wrote the DNSL, my belief is that it does not violate the spirit of that rule as it is merely a visual change. I would appreciate it if a mod would clarify this since none of us non-official folks really have any insight into this, though I'm sure some will claim to.


iOS only player here, but the plunder head helps for sure!