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Changelog 0.12

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Hellstromm, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Hellstromm

    Hellstromm Active Member

    Mar 2, 2012
    Below you will find the update notes of the 0.12 changelog. This update focuses on bug-fixes and will be implemented as soon as possible. Thank you for your participation.

    SC-2507 - It is now displayed how much happiness is needed to make the population enthusiastic.

    Bug Fixes:
    SC-3025 - The structures in the building menu were not always sorted correctly.
    SC-2661 - Building Jewellery now has a sound effect.
    SC-3034 - Archers now correctly make a SFX when they attack another archer.
    SC-3127 - The messages now have a character limit, and will not crash anymore.
    SC-3090 - Under certain circumstance dismissing a guild member would crash the game. This will no longer happen.
    SC-3006 - The NPC profiles now correctly change.
    SC-3128 - The "collect all" feature was modified and now works as intended.
    SC-2529 - In some screen resolutions the top provinces were not clickable. This has been corrected.
    SC-1867 - Negotiating a sector no longer causes a display glitch.
    SC-2889 - The number of guild-members in the guild tab is now correct.
    SC-1808 - Map scroll-overs will not spawn outside of the screen anymore.
    SC-2922 - As resources are now infinite the -1 from the deposits will no longer be displayed.
    SC-2922 - The unit training format has now been fixed.
    SC-1511 - Some usability aspects of the tutorial have been improved.
    SC-3126 - The players could not reach the forum. This is no longer an issue.
    SC-2638 - The units no longer haunt the barracks after they die in battle. (again :))
    SC-3139 - The social bar now stays down, despite other actions.
    SC-3184 - Entering an incorrect password now spawns an error message.
    SC-3149 - The text colouring feature in the Guild forum was improved on IE.
    SC-3188 - The "collect all" features now correctly considers all modifying factors, such as enthusiastic.

    SC-3197 - "Make peace" can now be completed by building a doctors house.

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