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Arvahall with Colosuss and Oracle. The 3 Churches with makeover ... the other 2 GBs mixed in at the top .... overall rank ~2800

My newest style leaves SoK's alone so other items receive Motivation ... I'll use the SoK's if pushing my own GBs to the next level . Only one GB is currently being supported by me....Blue Galaxy for BPs

BTW the 3 year anniversary of CHANGE IN RANKING is closing in Feb 16, 2016

Note Silver Sword Award near the Zeus
I finally see why you are always slow on events:)


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The pavers and trees around Notre Dame are a great improvement, but the stained glass windows have been unfortunately de-emphasized.
Yes, the missing color from stained glass is one of the first glaring changes that I noticed. .Perhaps such changes were intended to create a truer depiction of the real Notre Dame. .But I can only speculate, because InnoGames doesn't tell us.

But of course, Notre Dame doesn't matter, since no one builds it anyway. It doesn't matter what it looks like if it's useless.
I disagree!! .How it looks **is** .its use! .Notre Dame has been the centerpiece of my village for a long time. .There it stands magnificently, smack in the middle on Main Street.

The beauty of Forge of Empires is that it can be played for many different reasons — fighting, acquiring things, designing a landscape, making friends, etc. .There is something for almost any gaming taste. .I think that is why it is so successful.

By the way, I prefer the old version, but the new artwork is growing on me. .I think Notre Dame is still the best looking Great Building in the game. . :)
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