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Forwarded Chat Bar

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Proposal Format

Chat bar for players to converse

Current System (if applicable)
Mailing system were players can mail each other

a Chat system were players can talk to each other share ideas and strategies with each other

Abuse Prevention
Game monitors (GMs) who have the ability to Mute and or Ban for times for the following reasons: Racism, Verbal Abuse, or excessive cursing.

Visual Aids

Taken from the game Minecraft as an example no copyright infringement intended
Just thought that it would help players communicate
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xKidChaos, please view the Proposal Guidelines and edit your post so that it is in the correct format. Failure to do so will result in your thread being locked.

Furthermore, you are suggesting more than one idea here, so you'll need to refine each idea and create a separate thread for each one if you have put enough thought into them to be able to elaborate properly.


Thanks for fixing it xKid. :)

Now, let the discussions begin.


I would love a chat feature. Especially if you could switch between talking to your guild, talking to your neighborhood, and talking to your world. Great idea :)


here is my thoughts on chat. We did have one, but it was a test. But it gave a jumping off point. I think that even better than a global chat, similar to an alliance chat many are familiar with, I suggest maybe a 'guild" wide chat. I think that is a fair compromise.


:D glad im not the only one with this idea i would be really shocked if i were lol.


:D glad im not the only one with this idea i would be really shocked if i were lol.
No you are not the only one...but this forum is filled with spammers, so we have no problem with patience since we would troll this forum anyway :p


I voted no on this, and I think it came in as a yes. I want chat, but I am not sure I want a chat bar, verses a chatroom. Since we are voting on the proposal, I'd like to change my vote to "no".


I don't think there's any way for me to change it, but I'll keep that in mind when determining the final percentage.


Excellent Idea.

Just about every other browser based game has this.

The only problem with theirs, is that there are no moderators watching this chat, and without moderators there are TONS of cursing.

If you had moderators watching this chat, it would be paramount to the others.
Not open for further replies.