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    For non-fighters, who use the browser version of the game, in guilds that participate in GvG and want to help out in another way then just goods a quick and easy thing to do is to check the maps. Also may be useful for fighters, but I assume you all already know how to check the maps quickly.

    Non-illustrated version:

    Go into GvG section of the game and enter the Iron Age map.
    Open up the Event Log
    Go to Enemy section
    If any actions appear, check timestamp and determine if guild needs notification
    If no action, then no problem
    Use age selecting drop down in upper right corner to enter next age (if your guild is not very active on the GvG maps, just click on the map(s) for ages you are active in instead of checking all maps)
    Rinse and repeat until all maps checked

    Illustrated version:

    First we need to get to the GvG Screen, circled below is your entrance:

    GvG from Home.PNG

    View upon entry (maps that your guild is active in will have green hexes):

    GvG Main Map.PNG

    Now click on the Iron Age sector, red X marks the spot. This is the Iron Age map and in the bottom right corner is our menu:

    GvG Event Log.PNG

    Circled in red is the Event Log button, go ahead and give it a click:

    Gvg Event Log Home Screen.PNG

    Circled in red is the Enemy tab of the Event Log, click on that:

    GvG Enemy Screen.PNG

    This map is clear, so no problems here, now time to check the next map, in the upper right corner is a drop down box that you can select ages from:

    Age Selector.PNG

    Select the next age and it will take you there, the Event Log will remain open and on the Enemy tab until you either change the tab or minimize the log. Move through the ages until you find enemy actions (if your guild is not very active on the GvG maps, just click on the map(s) for ages you are active in instead of checking all maps), they will look like this:

    Active Map.PNG

    When you hover over an event you will see:

    Event Information.PNG

    Under source you will see the guild's name and below that it will tell you the tile that came under attack and how long ago it occurred. When you find an enemy action pay attention to the time before reporting it to your guild, an attack 11 hours old most likely doesn't need to be announced on the main guild thread. If an enemy siege is ongoing it should be announced wherever your guild has designated those messages.

    This should only take a minute or two to do, you can enter into the message screen while on the GvG map, so no back and forth is needed there. Hopefully this will be helpful to some people.

    If you have anything you'd like to add or any clarifications post below, can't guarantee they'll go in, but I'll listen to them.
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