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Christmas in July Give away

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I would like the following:

1. A Great Building of my choice
2. 200 diamonds
3. Shrines of Knowledge

Get rid of GE extra turn rewards, or maybe combine them with gold and supply rewards. Supplies + 1 extra turn, gold plus 1 extra turn.


Zombie Rogues
Customizable avatar or upload file for in-game
Auction house for unneeded stuff
expansion slots, (would make a great "rare" in GE) or as and event item. We'd all kill ourselves to get them
more tavern stuff
attack and defense (a bit more readily attainable) boosts to allow ME and up to keep pace


With the summer heating up lets cool the forum down. Many in the United States celebrate Christmas in July. Here in the forum we are going to celebrate Winter in July. Put your wish list together as we are going to be giving out past winter event prizes!!! Give us your wish list of the items you would like to see in your city. Also include buildings you would like to see in the future. Your list may include a list of things you actually want this year for the holidays.

Prizes to be given out will included 2 grand prize winners picked at random that will receive 300 forge points EACH!

We will also be giving away 120 other Winter event themed prizes including decorations and buildings. (10 per day)o_O *limit of one win per player with the exception of the grand prize.

Our winter in July party would not be complete withing a Christmas Tree!. Enter the contest for the possibility to be awarded the winter prizes. Remember one entry per player per day, those doing more will be disqualified for the day.

This event will run through 11:59 pm EDT July 29, 2017.

* all winners will be picked by a random number generator. The number comment you are will be the number you are for the generator.

I am pretty new so I would LOVE:

1) 300 FP
2)Every military building available
3) Happy Citizens
4) Great Buildings

Hope I win!


1. All Proposals in proper format.
2. A bigger Like Button for those extra-big Likes.
3. Shrines of Knowledge.


On Rugnir, the only world for me.


My Christmas Wish list - 1. $1 Million invested into my company 2. 300 FP


I would like a Haunted Mansion because Halloween is my fav time of the year!!


My wish list.

Forge points
Improved guild chat room
Forge points
Expansion slots
Medals to open more expansion slots
Forge points
...and a new car


Wish list comes down to basically this:
. Shrines of knowledge (something nobody wants... :p)
. Halls of Fame
. Speakers' Corner

Give us your wish list of the items you would like to see in your city.
What i'd really like to see:
. Atlantis museum
. Seed vault
. Rain forest project

Also include buildings you would like to see in the future.
I'd like a sort of crystal palace. Would be something like a wishing well, 3x3, but instead of random rewards with small chance of diamonds, would pay off 1 diamond a day.


In Game:
1) Checkmate
2) Rogue Hideouts
3) Expansions
4) Terrace Farm
5) Military Units
6) Diamonds

-ability to trade buildings
-ability to sell inventory items
-ability to freely put items into inventory


My Wish list: Bazaars, Wishing wells, Item to add land Expansions, Terrace Farms.


Ability to sell rare inventory stuff for diamonds or FPs or ability to trade them, just like goods
When you junk a building in your inventory, you get some coins and some supplies (just like now, when you build it and then immediately sell it; but then without actually building it)
Player vs player real time turn based tournaments
300 FPs for me
More 200 and 100 packs for others

Good will to everyone on earth, especially to leaders of nations and armed groups, people and groups with influence and/or power; pretty sure peace will follow right along.

For me: success in all my business undertakings
For me and my family and friends: Happiness, Health, Wealth
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