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Christmas in July Give away

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Day 2
My Christmas Wish List
1. Sok's
2. FP packs
3. A new magical Puppy for my City
4. A magical Bone that can do magical things when activated
5. Hall of Fame
6. New Christmas Building that can generate multiple FP's but in a 2x2 space
7. The ability to trade inventory items


My WInter in July Wish List:
1) Expansions
2) A City/Building Manager to prioritize the random aids received.


Elephant fountain. witch doctor, mad scientists lab and traveling circus.


Confectionary, the larger the better. Indian palace
Cherry buildings
Terrace farm
Expansions as ultra rare prizes


1) 300 FPs
2) Color Guard Barracks
3) SOK's
4) More Expansions
5) Checkmate square


With the summer heating up lets cool the forum down. Many in the United States celebrate Christmas in July. Here in the forum we are going to celebrate Winter in July. Put your wish list together as we are going to be giving out past winter event prizes!!! Give us your wish list of the items you would like to see in your city. Also include buildings you would like to see in the future. Your list may include a list of things you actually want this year for the holidays.

Prizes to be given out will included 2 grand prize winners picked at random that will receive 300 forge points EACH!

We will also be giving away 120 other Winter event themed prizes including decorations and buildings. (10 per day)o_O *limit of one win per player with the exception of the grand prize.

Our winter in July party would not be complete withing a Christmas Tree!. Enter the contest for the possibility to be awarded the winter prizes. Remember one entry per player per day, those doing more will be disqualified for the day.

This event will run through 11:59 pm EDT July 29, 2017.

* all winners will be picked by a random number generator. The number comment you are will be the number you are for the generator.


My wish list includes:

300 fps, SOK, Rogue hideout, Santa's Workshop, Legendary Confectionary, Christmas tree farm (proposed new bldg).


All I want is about 7 feet of snow and a body of water so I can go polar bear swimming and penguin diving. Which is a pretty tall order since I live in the middle of a desert.


Crazy big fp packs for GE.
Expansions for GE or special events.
Ability to stack attack bonuses.
More options to get diamonds.


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and another thing; I am 73 years old so for Christmas in July I would like a guarantee to make it to 90, plus lots of medals for land, of course.


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An area of land say 8 X 8 that you can temporary put anything in while redesigning your city.So as not to use it as a storeroom,your city productions etc. would be frozen till you vacate this Deadland.

Able to see city in a 2D aspect.

Renovation kit should apply to all buildings in a set

and if I promise to be good lots of FP`S


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Shrine of Knowledge
Checkmate Square
Stressless Consul Classic Recliner and Ottoman


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My wish list:
Rotatable buildings, more diamonds, more expansion, more fps, SoK, The Arc, Maharaja's Jungle Pond, watchfires, blueprints , Rogue hideouts
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