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Cirgard Issues


Anyone else having a problem with Cirgard ? Getting logged in, but can't see anything but Gb stars, or do anything


Currently, and as of a few days ago, the messaging center is causing flash to crash on Cirgard only. I can open the message center, and open a message, but if I try to scroll to the top of the message, the game freezes. When I reload the page, I get the bar to stop flash.


New Member
I too get this in cirgard as well as birka.. I get errors of long running script and then freezes up and crashes..


I can not load up Cirgard at all to play, I belong to a guild there, and i have submitted @ 6 different help s from other cities i play, not one answer????? this is the second day


Yes 5 to 7 support tickets were put in on other cities i play, no reply they just said it is being looked into and then delete my tickets, support really sucks, just a little communication works wonders


How can i tell my Leader of Civil Unrest (Kazerak) not to expell me, I will return when FOE let's me??????????