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City Configuration Planner


New Member
Is there a way in current editor, or a 3rd party tool... that allows you to work on a new city configuration over a period of time? Eg start a new plan, save it, come back to it, work on it more, finalize it.. and them implement it. The current real time editor doesn't seem to allow for that ??
thks !

Just An Observer

Well-Known Member
When I first did the Feudal Japan settlement, the obstacles on the ground were high in number for the size of area. What did I do to figure out how to use the space to the max? The first thing was to ascertain how many tiles were present. It turns out the initial plot of land is 8x8, which is the same size as a board for checkers or chess! For the second thing to do, I broke out the board and chess pieces, then added in dominoes. Now I could do a layout with dominoes delineating a building, pawns showing where roads would go and larger chess pieces representing the obstacles on the ground. For the third thing to do, I just kept rearranging the pieces until I was happy. Finally came the fourth step, The board (which was a rather small antique one dating back to the Great War) was brought to where I sit and play FoE so I could do the board's arrangement on the game screen. Voila, success!

Believe it or not, this was the only time I had to use these items as a rearranging aid for Feudal Japan. Either the initial plot of land was cleaner or I got better....LOL!

Farfle the smelly

Well-Known Member
K.. one big challenge.. you can't add expansion blocks to "see" where stuff might work out best..
You also can’t add GBs you’re about to place but haven’t yet. It’s a drag, but as a work around, I got reeeeeally good at counting teeny tiny squares to keep ‘open’ for later placement. So I would just add your expansion and only then open up reconstruction mode.

Ahem, there was a tool that did what you’re asking (kinda) but it is now frowned upon by the developers. So we go old school or count teeny tiny squares. Sorry, bubby. It’s the pits, I know.

der Wolfe

New Member
I realize that this is an old thread, but search results didn't reveal anything better. It is now September 2022 and I need to re-do my town now that I'm in the Asteroid Age. Is there any tool available for city replanning these days? If not, I'll resort to "counting squares" as suggested above - although I'll use a spreadsheet so I can work on my PC.

Also, I wonder why the developers are against users using a tool to do planning and then not supplying anything less cumbersome than the in-game editor. Is it possible they're working on something in that area?

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
Nope. Not likely anyway. IMO part of the game strategy is you have to figure it out. If a computer figured it out. it would be basically really boring. Where now it is a challenge to overcome. Which is the idea of a game? Yes?
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MJ Artisan of War

Well-Known Member
If i am aging up to add a GB.... i age up....
Get the required expansion space planted...
Plant the new GB in the mud......
Then re-arrange my city....
No counting little tiny squares that way....

Omaha the Greater

New Member
Use an Excel spreadsheet with cells set up as squares. Use the bold outline feature to create the correct size for each building. You can label them, color code them, and cut and paste however you want. You always know where everything is at and how everything fits together. Use a dedicated color for roads. Believe me, it works.