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[Guide] City planner / simulator

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Tagging this as a guide, if a mod thinks it shouldn't be, change it :p

Anyways, I have created a tool to help you plan your town. The tool is available online, so no downloading is needed. You can also save the map you create, and open it later to edit it again, or you can share it with others.
The tool can be found >>>here<<<

Please note the following:
- If an action is not possible, for whatever reason, that reason is shown under "Errors".
- When you place a building, the square you click on will become the upper left corner.
- You can also remove the town hall by using the general remove building option.
- A 4x5 building in-game (e.g the goat farm) will have a height of 4 and a width of 5 in this tool. The town hall has a height of 7 and a width of 6.
- The bright green or red indicate whether you can build or not. Green indicates that it is possible, red indicates that it is not. This doesn't work like I want to with the add / remove squares option, which should be fixed soon.
- The town points are not yet accurate, as not all points are known. Once all the points are known, the tool will become version 2.0.1 (unless something changes that makes me update the version).

If you encounter any bugs, please let me know. Either in this topic or through a PM.

I know the design sucks, and as I am not that awesome at web design myself I have asked someone else to do this for me. This should be done soon, I hope.

There is a changelog listed on the site, so when anything is updated, you can find the details there.

Have fun :) Feedback is highly appreciated.

NOTE: This doesn't seem to work on IE, it looks weird for me at least. That said, I do not provide active support for IE, but I will try to make it work.
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Will wait for a mod to confirm if this is ok to use or not (though i can't see why not) before i try it out properly.
But from the little peak i just took, it looks great! :D


Great tool, thanks

Couple of suggestions:
1. If we could move buildings without having to remove and re-insert
2. Roads should be a different color to make it easier to see
3. Building category could have their own color (e.g. Residential=blue, Culture=green, etc.)


Moving buildings will not be possible in the near future, unfortunately, as I can not code that properly yet. It's on my to-do-list though.
I have thought about using different colors for each category, including roads. However, I chose red because it's fairly easy to see on the green background. I do not know if other colors are easy to see as well, but I could run some tests and see how it works out.


I could do that, and it crossed my mind as well. However, it would require me to create a load of images (each building in several colors), which means it'll take some time. Also, I won't create all colors you can think of, and I will therefore create a couple of color examples soon, and put those color to a vote.


The link has changed, it is now http://www.forgestats.net/map/map.php. You will be redirected to the new site when you visit the old one, though I do recommend that you update your bookmarks.

Everything should still work the same. If something is broken, let me know.


I'll see what I can do. Which particular hotkeys would you suggest?


stone circle is missing from decorations

- - - Updated - - -

wow nevermind, dumb error, its a cultural building


I have just updated the tool with another version. This does not work on Internet Explorer as far as I have tested, but it should work on all other browsers (I suggest using Chrome).

The new features:
  • New design, duh.
  • Hotkeys. Press one of the keys listed behind every menu option, between parentheses, to select that menu option.
  • Moving buildings. You can move buildings by clicking on them, and then click again where you want to put it.
  • Temporary building storage. When you either have the move option selected, or if one of the squares is filled, you will see at most 2 squares at the top of the screen. By clicking on that when you move a building, the building will be placed there. You can also move a building out of there by clicking on it again. When you click on it when you have the 'delete building' option selected, the building will be removed and the square will disappear.
  • Dragging the map. Press and hold your mouse button, and move it around to drag the map. You do not have to click on the map itself, you can also click outside the map (to a certain degree, you can click within a 10k*10k pixels field).
  • Removed the custom sized buildings and the improved buildings (which were removed from the game some time ago).
I believe these were all of the added features, the major ones at least. If you happen to come across any bugs or if you have a suggestion to improve it, let me know.

I will add one or two additional features tomorrow, the first will be an addition to the menu on the right, which will show how much it would cost to build your city from scratch (money, supplies and diamonds). The second will be that the map only moves when you have dragged the mouse 5 pixels (the value could still change), so you don't accidentally move the map when you attempt to place a building.

Also, don't forget to check out the rest of the site, which contains data about units and buildings, and I'm working on adding the researches.
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Great tool. Thanks. A couple things I noticed. The Town Hall was a 6x7...should be 7x6. Also the Theater was 3x4...should be 4x3. Thanks for the hard work...I'm definitely going to use it.


The building's size depends on what you see as the top of the map. Which is why I have added a rotate button on the bottom of the page, which allows you to rotate the map (and the buildings).
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