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[Guide] City planner / simulator

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I haven't been able to access the simulator for several days - I get a server error message. Will it be restored at some point?


This is a message from the creators on another forum (though about the same site):
There are indeed some issues, the server we are on had some cpu overload. We share the server with 1 or 2 others, and it's most likely their fault. We are in contact with the hosting company about this, and it'll hopefully be fixed soon. Until then the site might be unavailable from sometimes.


Aye, there are some server issues at the moment. It will hopefully be fixed soon.


Ok, it's back up but no the Modern age is not there anymore. I'm trying to prepare for next week. Any time soon Slygoxx?


Soon ;) We had to go back to the previous version unfortunately, which seems to be missing a lot of stuff. I'll try to add most of it as soon as possible.


I now can reach the website but get the message that my map(s) can't be loaded.


Slygoxx, is there anywhere that we can supply you with information on new buildings? I notice for the Large Confectionary(Iron age) that the population of 85 isn't filled out on the chart.


Where is my map

The link has changed, it is now http://www.forgestats.net/map/map.php. You will be redirected to the new site when you visit the old one, though I do recommend that you update your bookmarks.

Everything should still work the same. If something is broken, let me know.
I LOVE the planner, but I saved a map (got this really long message telling where it I stored) BUT I can't seem to figure how to get it back (OK I AM A LITTLE SLOW)



Love the tool. BUT I saved a map and I can't seem to figure how to get it back (OK YES I AM A LITTLE SLOW)



As you can see in this screenshot the medal counts for the Colosseum in the city sim are not correct from what they should be
Don't know why you don't think they are correct, they match my Colosseum tier for tier.

Now on to something else. Seeing as they've given us more land, are the creators of the City Planner Simulator going to add that. I'm almost at the edge of the present borders on the simulator and would like to have the simulator expanded. I'd appreciate it.


Greetings Sir Slygoxx

I contact Game Support about a City Planner / Simulator lay out for the New Expanded City Map and they told me you were the person to contact.
Any chance you have created a New version with the additional Map space?

If you have would you please send me the new link?
Thank You


It'll be updated either on Thursday or Friday, the link will remain the same ;)

EDIT: Updated.
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Thanks for the update...
I don't know what I'd do without this tool...
You guys are awesome...
Now to figure out how to expand my city with the weird land configuration that they gave us........lol


You took out the "Check road connection" feature. This needs to return!! It was very useful to those of us who are sleep deprived city planners :p


I couldn't get it to work with the new city layout easily, so I disabled it for now so I could at least let the users use the newly added parts of the map. It'll return soon.


Did something go wrong with the Planner. I have been using it until a few days ago when it gave me this error. "error while connecting to database Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)" Just curious as it is a great tool.
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