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City Shield


New Member
Purchased the city shield.
16 hours later the city is attacked.
So why purchase the City Shield if it does nothing?
The Tavern collection does not update to show that you collected. Glitch or What?


If you post a trade. and its a fair trade 1:1
and, you get attacked and plundered on a regular basis.

How about the trade actually costs the attacker.
-less 5 goods
-costs the attacker 2 Forge points to trade rather than 1.

Mimic the real world.


New Member
You did not read it through. The city shield was placed hours before the attack, like 12 or 14 hours before the attack.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
"16 hours after the shield." The attacker attacked your city earlier than the 16 hours and later plundered.
The attack and the plunder can be up to 23 H 59M 59S apart. And you did not read what I wrote in the first place.. LOL
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Well-Known Member
Ok. If the OP was attacked prior to the city shield being bought, and then was plundered later, that's the game working as intended. If the OP was attacked after the city shield was bought, then that's a bug. The question is what the OP means by "I was attacked"

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
Who cares? send in a support ticket, not whine about it here. They will tell you to clear your catche.
City shield is for new players who can't handle getting plundered. Usually because they moved up too many Eras too fast, and are at the bottom of the food chain in their Hood. ((It is actually a bit hard for new players to get plundered when they have so few resources. Plus they do not understand it is just a part of the game, a natural part of the game and they need to get over taking it all personal))
The only solution is to stop moving up Eras and get you city together.
No one need a City shield for hiding from plunderers. The only real use for a City shield is if you are going to have to be away for a day and cannot collect. Then it is worth doing. Or if moving your collection from late to next morning.
Trying to hide from plunderers is folly. No one can afford to keep up a city shield