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What I have right now [Updated}
Welcome to Paytan
Founded 7/10/21

Looking for fighters, traders. laid back, no stress and no drama.

What we have Great Building Swap FP, Guild Events and Trade Channel and More In Development.

1. Must aid all other Guildmates at least 3 times a week.
2. Be appropriate.
3. inactive players get kicked.
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the aim of it is to have fun and help each other and make memories and work as a team.
we have Great Building FP Swaps, Guild events {we host events with are guild like a rock paper scissors torment and the winner gets 10 FP Donate to the person choosing of great building} , trade channels. That what we have as of Right now

Ebeondi Asi

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For a small newer Guild, also mention you open all four GE levels every week.
(Add if you have access to a 1.9 group?) Add if you have an Arc leveling program. Add if you can help with GB goods Add if active in GvG. Add if active in GbG.
Add looking for fighters, traders
Add laid back, no stress, or GE 48 required each week, minimum 50 Fights GbG. or 100 Fights GbG etc.
Must aid all other Guildies at least 5 time a week, 3 times a week..Open join (or request invite)

Advanced Guild
9 Fp a day town hall, 1.9 1.92 available. Arc 80+ required, Obs 70+ required or leveled to 70 within first month. Must complete 64 GE every week, 500 fights/250 negs per season GbG required. GvG big asset, not required, Request invite from Mutha Hen*
Mandatory donation to all new GB
Must be in Colonial Era or higher*
Must have at minimum 7,500,000 points*
Active players only
*A few Guilds have these types of requirements. many have the Arc 80 requirement, some offer Arc leveling growth help
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Sharmon the Impaler

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Rather than rewrite some of the excellent boiler plates done by the guilds why not just look at the top 20 (you can open them up yourself) and take the ideas that you like and apply it to your guild boiler plate ? Not the top twenty , the top twenty that have close to what you want in your guild. There is a guild that we went up against that cleared GE 133.3% in 41 minutes so that guild has very specific requirements that would be completely different from say a trading guild or a "family" guild.


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There's several parts to writing a good description. The first thing is to get a good hook. If a player is looking for a guild to join, this will be the first thing they see, and if it's bad or boring, they will find somewhere else. You want something short and strong to hook their attention. Maybe in your case, "Welcome to ____, where we work hard to help each other and have fun!" You get the idea.

Then, follow that with what you are offering. In other words, what do you offer that makes players want to join? So FP swaps, hosting events, etc. - that goes here.

Next, you'll want your requirements. What do players need to have to get into the guild. If there are no requirements, then say that. But phrase it all well. For example, say "All players are welcome. We'll work to help new players succeed, while also allowing experienced players to grow further."

Finally, wrap up with who the players should contact to get an invite (if application only or invite only, this is what you want. Even with a completely open-to-join guild, this is still good to have) or answer any questions.
Don't clutter up your guild description with paragraphs of text. Keep it brief. Nothing's worse than reading the books some guilds write. Also, don't be afraid to boast a little. This is one of the ways you get your players interested!

I hope this helps!