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Honey Badger*

New Member
Within the battleground log it would be most helpful to know which player conquers the tile/section of the map.

At times a guild may want to hold a tile open until one of the guild leaders gives the okay to close the tile/sector the group is attacking.
It would be helpful to know which player conquers the section/tile, especially when tiles are repeatedly closed before a leader gives the okay.

This would work in the same way that the conquered entries by guild work in the log, but would list the name of the player who conquers the tile instead of the guild who conquers it.

This additional entry will not have any impact on other game features.

Abuse Prevention:
This change would not open up any possible exploits.

Listing the player who conquers a tile will allow for better guild management and a better playing experience.

Honey Badger*

New Member
Thank you for your reply, it would be no different than seeing what guild conquers a sector or tile - am I missing something in your reply?