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Honey Badger*

New Member
Allow guild leaders to lock GbG tiles/sectors at a certain level (150) so that no new battles can be fought.

At times a guild may want to hold a tile open until one of the guild leaders gives the okay to close the tile/sector they are attacking.
Currently tiles can only be marked with a circle/bar to inform guild members not to complete a tile/sector. This change would allow guild leaders to keep the tile/sector from accidently getting conquered.

This change would allow all leaders in a guild to keep tiles/sectors from being accidently taken in the heat of battle by limiting the number of points to 150.

This additional entry will not have any impact on other game features.

Abuse Prevention:
This change would not open up any possible exploits.

Allowing guild leaders to stop a battle in progress will allow for better GbG management and a better overall playing experience.

Honey Badger*

New Member
Thank you for your reply - Could you please clarify your response - isn't most of the game designed around player function?

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
Search and you will find. Like your other suggestion, this one has been beaten to death as well. Inno is well aware of both sides of this, but has chosen to do nothing regarding this since the beginning, and their history on adding functionality geared towards player created functions suggests that they likely never will.

Player created = things that Inno didn't directly design into the game, but players have created themselves within the game, like 1.9 threads or this for example.

Sharmon the Impaler

Active Member
It's a benefit to the farming community and has been beaten to death in numerous threads. You farm then you lie in the bed you make basically.