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Closing Announcement Thread

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Placing a trash box on all announcement thread

Current System (if applicable)
There is no method of removing a thread such as Mars Announcement which will stay for weeks

Fitting a trash box will allow players to remove the Thread once it has been used applied or read

Abuse Prevention
There appears to be no potential for abuse

Visual Aids
No visual aid needed as the trash box is well known

* This will make it easier to see newer mail
* This may reduce server load and space
* This will improve communication between players


Well-Known Member
This proposal is confusing me, are you referring to this?

when I first saw this thread, I thought you were talking about a forum thread. Please clarify.


It doesn't bother me that much but why not. It will satisfy my OCD.

Super Catanian

Well-Known Member
You know what I would want?
The message would only appear in the first world you log in when the announcement is made. Once opened, that message won't appear in your other worlds.

Either way, +1

Stephen Longshanks

As a player I say yes. Having that announcement locked to the top of the message center is terribly annoying. However...

As a moderator I say no. You all know as well as I that if the announcement could be deleted, most players would do so without reading it. And then scream to high heaven that "nobody told me that was going to happen!!!!"

So I'm kind of torn. I vote to have the ability to delete mine, but everyone else is stuck with them. LOL
Not open for further replies.