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C'mon already guys this is ridiculous!

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Not being picky but is it a programming/language issue or is it a network/server issue... you seem to contradict here.
Both, though more the latter. The language issue is the networking error Javascript gives doesn't actually say anything about what is causing it; it's a generic issue that could really be any number of things or in any number of places, not all of which the Inno administrators even have the ability to get at to fix.


So what your are saying is this will be around a lot longer! I have played for over a year now and I think its time to cut my ties with the game, and I really hate that. The white screen of death was 1 thing, but when you get 5 JSON for taking 2 trades its time to stop for a bit and think about new options.
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There is a thread for a JSON report in July at the zz forum. That was not the start of these horribly errors we see. The JSON message is simply an error message we see, the bugs causing it are all different. So essentially, we have seen the JSON message before, from other bugs, and we could see it in the future as well, with other bugs, but when the current state is resolved then it would not be causing these game issues. The one reported at the zz server, for example, I saw once a week.
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We've all been patient with JSON and understand that Innogames may have taken on more than its servers can handle with all the changes, but this needs to get done! If you can't make it work, you need to go back to what did, period. Simply the battle map/units again, remove the city structures that are creating havoc, just do whatever you gotta do.

The latest merge has put me in the top hood on Brisgard, with many high premium players who just spent small fortunes on the wheel to fortify their city, many of whom also likely had a couple months head start on me. Am I complaining about this----no, I quite welcome the new challenge.

However, I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO CONTROL MY UNITS. Period. The AI will simply attack the rogues who can't attack me for 3 turns anyway and just turn them into tanks which can. It does lots of things that don't make sense strategically. JSON pops up an average of 5 times per battle, simply making players try a few times until they give up and just click auto-attack results. We try to fight, but it simply doesn't work. When the new neighbors have a 400% bonus to their defense due to a hundred watchfires, whats really the point if we CANNOT CONTROL THE UNITS???

I've tried to exercise patience when I see the rants on these forums, but C'mon guys! Lets get this done already. Whatever you gotta do, just do it! I welcome the challenge, but we have to have the chance and be given the opportunity to try our own strategy. The game was once possible to compete somewhat with the spenders, but now we are punished for successful strategy in city planning, and simply not allowed to control our military within any realistic time frame. If you cannot fix this, whats the point?
My answer to diamonddave

These errors are occurring in all phases of the game to Noobies as well as veterns. (Collecting Coins and Supplies; Accessing Research, Building options; Battles; Motivating and Polishing; Visiting Guild Members, Friends, Neighbours; Logging into game and so on.)

Players who are Noobies and are looking to play continuously and spend real money will likely leave and look to another Game to spend their hard earned cash. If this does not give the Administrators and owners an incentive to fix these JSON problems; what will?

If these JSON errors are not corrected soon, it is possible that many vetern as well as noobies will leave and the Market on the US servers will be Dead.

This has been addressed ThePhantom's answer to NoSecondChances at the end of my Rant.


ThePhantom's answer to diamonddave = No bad but read commen following ThePhantom's answer to diamonddave.

Again, there are language versions of the game with both smaller and larger player bases, who are not experiencing the game issue. There are also language versions of the game with both smaller and larger player bases who are experiencing the game issue. All separate worlds have their own separate server (each with different number of players) yet the issue appears across all servers within a language version. This is all but a server issue, based on those facts.

Intriguing how many players believe they know the source of the issue. I'd be interested in learning what is the source for these beliefs? Just curious how we can so easily locate the issue and find a solution, if it's taking quite a while for the system administrators to do so.

JSON is a Gateway error.

"In cases where a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) transaction fails, the API Gateway can use a JSON Error to convey error information to the client." From Oracle.

This error is only regularly occurring on the US servers and I must conclude it is an error in the Game Java Script wich was installed on all the US servers OR the Gateway Server(s) is(are) running a Java Script which contains the faulty code.

Even though each Game World is on it's own server; multiple Game Servers may be utilizing One Gateway Server. This JSON error seems to be at it's worse when the Server activity increases. I rarely have JSON errors between 1:00 AM EDT to 11:00 AM EDT each morning.

Maybe if people would just stop playing the game until the error is fixed instead of fussing with "Jason", as the error is so fondly referred to as, as if their life depended upon it, then InnoGames would HAVE to do something about the error or the game would shut down due to lack of players....I mean c'mon guys, there are PLENTY of other games to play, and your life certainly DOESN'T depend upon it. If we want to play the game in peace again, then we must send InnoGames a message by REFUSING to play the game until they fix the error, thus forcing them into a position of do (fix the error) or die (bye bye Forge of Empires).
ThePhantom's answer to NoSecondChances = Excelent

That's a foolish assumption. Even if somehow everyone here stopped playing, Inno would only close those FoE markets where no one plays. FoE would still continue to exist on the markets where the JSON issue is not in this state. And, simple logic here tells me if the servers are abandoned then Inno would not be forced to choose between fixing the issue or closing the market --- no point in fixing anything for a dead market. The highest attention would be given when there are many customers and potential customers that can be lost, which is this current case.
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Anybody who thinks Innogames will abandon the huge US market just because some players leave is, quite frankly, out of their mind.


NEWB ALERT!! Is this why the Guild Founder's message bases are not working properly?​


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This is the completely wrong thread to be posting this in. This is not a proposal, and if it is supposed to be, (which I can't see how you could explain that) you completely ignored the proper proposal format. There are other threads you could rant in, but this is not it.
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