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ColorWolf Recruiting


This is a Team game!
If you're not a team player, don't waste your time reading any further! We don't want you!
We are looking for daily, active members who are looking to grow their cities as well as their guild. (Life happens, we get that)
We are looking for players who do not have to be told that regular aid of guild mates is a good thing!
We are looking for players who understand that the Message Center is used for exchanging information, thus, a good thing to read.
We are looking for players who understand that many hands make light work.
We are currently at level 42
We offer many active swap threads, including a 1.85% thread that is open to all.
We open level 4 in GE weekly, and ask that all complete at least level 1
We require everyone to complete a "minimum" of 10 battles/negotiations daily in GBG. This is definitely a more is better situation!
We require everyone to own an Observatory, Arc, or Atomium ASAP. We will help you get one, as soon as you can get the blueprints!
If you can live with the above, we would be honored to have you!
Contact a leader for an invite or apply.