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I guess I'm lost as to what you mean by "storing units." They're already "stored." I'm not opposed to raising the values on some of the more useless GBs, after all Inno is not unknown to nerf the more powerful ones, but lets be honest here: No one ever twisted your arm into building Notre Dame, Colosseum, or any other GB. And no is forcing anyone to level them or keep them either. This topic tends to be repeated, as players seem to almost demand that some of these GBs "must" be improved, when its really been up to the player all along to invest in these virtually worthless GBs.

Marty McGinger

I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but I think that by 'storing units' they are suggesting that there be a mechanism to "move" units from the building that produced them to the Colosseum and still have them be attached units.

While interesting, that seems like it would bring up a whole series of complications regarding how to implement the moving, etc.

One thing that might be easier is giving additional unlockable slots in the production buildings at certain Colosseum levels...

Right now, unit production buildings are limited to 5 units with the 5th slot unlockable with diamonds. If you want to make the Colosseum "better" then I would suggest the following:
1- Change the Happiness bonus to a 'per-unit' happiness bonus. For example: Instead of a lvl 6 Colosseum making 2,200 happiness, it makes 100 happiness per attached military unit in the city. Or, if you want to get ultra-realistic, allow the Happiness produced by the Colosseum be dependent on the number of units deleted in a 24hour period. Maybe make it so that you can delete the same number of units as the Colosseum level per 24 hours to gain some amount of happiness for that time period (say 300 happiness per unit deleted for 24 hours).
2- Change the medal bonus to a 'slot' bonus for military buildings. So at lvl 1, it allows a 6th unlockable slot in military buildings. At 4th, 7th, 10th, etc (or maybe 5th, 9th, 13th, etc) it unlocks another slot in the military buildings. All these slots would be unlockable with increasing amounts of medals (or diamonds). And, if the Colosseum were sold, these slots would go away.

So no actual units would end up in the Colosseum, but it would allow for more attached units.

Regardless, as I stated earlier, allowing an Iron Age GB to produce units is far more powerful than appropriate.


A slot bonus allowing the training of a 6th troop from each of your existing barracks is an interesting idea. But instead of unlocking more slots for every building as it levels up, it should unlock a slot for the next higher age barracks as it levels up. ie: 1st lvl = 1 iron age slot. 2nd lvl = 1 iron and 1 EMA slot. 3rd would be 1 each from Iron, EMA and HMA, and so forth. The slot would apply to every barracks in your town, from that age that matches its level or below.
That's the idea I'd vote for.....


To me, this seems like a proposal to get something like Alcatraz for less.


I can't see why it would be necessary to change an Iron Age GB to generate units. Granting medals at that age is a way to get a boost towards the Victory expansions and I don't see adding units as something equivalent to that. Increasing the medal yield? Sure, I could support that. Changing over from medals to granting units? No thanks.
You don't see an issue with that? Let me inform you. The Collosium gives you medals for expansions, all the while taking up nearly 4 expansions on it's own. That is what is not necessary. It needs something else. and happiness isn't it. We have enough GB's with that boost.


Giving an IA GB the same benefits as Alcatraz? Yeah, it's big. But no one forces you to build it.

No vote from here.


If you don't see a reason to build a GB that is 6x7 that gives medals and happiness, then don't build it. I didn't, but if others want to, that's fine. I have seen more than enough around to justify its' existence. It provides a nice little boost for the age it is, but quickly becomes obsolete. Some people decide they don't want it anymore and delete it. It is all part of learning how to play the game. Everything has a penalty to pay in terms of size and goods/coins/supply cost vs the benefit it provides and it is up to the individual player to either do a cost/benefit analysis of what they put in their city or to put it in based on the "but I like it" principle. Don't really see a need to change it to suit your needs. Don't like it? Don't build it.


I like the initiative in this thread. There is some unbalance between the current GBs, with the Colosseum being at the far end of the low spectrum. It costs a lot of forge points to raise it and the blueprints are not easy to get, either, with the Iron Age being so short. It needs a serious boost to its rewards to make it qualify as a "Great Building"


I agree that the happiness bonus is not really what I would want with the Colosseum, but it makes sense seeing as it is a venue primarily for entertainment.

I think there should be a rework of how medals are rewarded, instead of the terrible daily pick up. There should be a reward for when units make a certain number of kills. And as the GB levels, you need less kills to award a more medals.

Something like:
Level 1: 4m/5kills
Level 2: 6m/5kills
Level 3: 8m/5kills
Level 4: 10m/4kills
Level 5: 12m/4kills
Level 6: 14m/4kills
Level 7: 16m/3kills
Level 8: 18m/3kills
Level 9: 20m/3kills
Level 10: 22m/2kills

This way the best combatants earn you better rewards, as the Colosseum should. And with a high level Colosseum, you could easily earn far more medals than the current set up, making victory expansions much more attainable, thus overcoming the large footprint more readily.


I do not see an issue with a GB with the size of the Colosseum creating one unit as opposed to the 4 that traz has.This is not a huge perk and NOT the same as the traz, the proposal calls for 1 unit to traz's to 4. Keeping the medals and loosing the happiness, IA already has a surplus of happiness provided by the large bath and the stage if you invested in diamonds for it.. Plus I think about half the GB's in the inventory has happiness as a boost, So happiness boost is something we do not need.

The colosseum historically was a training arena for gladiators. This just makes sense that it would produce troops. More so than the traz, which historically created ex con's who couldn't even get into the military once they got out of the prison. And of all the great buildings that was built in the progressive era, the best the could come up with was to recreate the very homely traz? Really?

We discussed other GB's that are not worth much to most players, Like the Notre Dame. That too has the unneeded happiness boost, Why not let that one have a boost in supply, or a goods boost instead.

These are supposed to be bonus buildings. and with the summer buildings producing more medals that this GB we are discussing, I find it to be sort of a waste for the GB's.

Look, This game is going to go nowhere fast if we do not come up with new ideas, with the "tomorrow age" that has been rolled out, What age are we going into next? Or are we.

We are going to need to come up with new ideas to keep people interested in this game. Working and updating existing buildings could be a way to advance this game without coming up with ridiculous ages like the "Sci-Fi age"

With so many restrictions in this game I would like to start to see improvements that actually improve the way the game is played.. Otherwise it will become monotonous.
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I do not see an issue with a GB with the size of the Colosseum creating one unit as opposed to the 4 that traz has.This is not a huge perk and NOT the same as the traz, the proposal calls for 1 unit to traz's to 4. Keeping the medals and loosing the happiness, IA already has a surplus of happiness provided by the large bath and the stage if you invested in diamonds for it.. Plus I think about half the GB's in the inventory has happiness as a boost, So happiness boost is something we do not need.
What's so special about the large bath? Every age has culture buildings and they get better (by which I mean more happiness per square) each age.

Also, you'll eventually find that you won't have the space for a happy population that is large enough to support both military and production. You have to make choices somewhere and one of those choices is whether to invest in happiness or not. So the happiness in GBs is important but you have to look at them in the context of cultural buildings in later ages. At 42 squares, a lvl 10 colosseum gives 35 medals/day and 4k happiness. You can get more happiness in the same space with 7 cartographers (LMA), 6 of which need to be polished, or 7 coiffeurs (colonial) only 3 of which need to be polished. I can easily supplement the 15 medals and 1.9k happiness my lvl 5 colosseum gives with a much smaller cultural building (and the 15 medals/day is essentially 0 considering I earn about 3k medals/week which will still take me a few months to earn my next expansion). So I don't think anyone is denying that the colosseum bonuses are wanting. I made a slightly silly proposal about adding a benefit related to healing rate which was shot down. I just don't think making it into alcatraz jr is the right way to go.

By the way, state sponsored gladiator shows predate the colosseum by about 150 years and they were trained in gladiator schools not the colosseum itself. The purpose of the building was to entertain the masses and that's about it. That said I've always supported a boost to the medal production of the colosseum by several different means. Admittedly even that's a bit of a stretch from its historical use. Of course that's assuming that we should be looking at GBs in their historical sense as I don't think there is any hard evidence for the existence of a tower of babel.