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Combat Wombats GVG fighter recruitment, the fun has started. Who wants in on it?


GVG just got hot.

Combat Wombats just got dragged into the Future age battle and are having a blast. If you want in on it let us know. Or join the other side cause they need some help. We are still here and pushing back. We may not start a fight but you can know for sure we will finish it, and have a blast doing it. If your up for some fun and like a good fight message justiceian and abed1234.

Membership requires you to be active. 7 days away gets you the boot. without prior notice.
Must cover your GE cost. So donate or have a GB that covers your goods cost.
(If your a low level member we can help you get them.)
GE not required but we ask that you do at least lvl 1. We are a GVG guild first and GE second.

We are a core group that is about the long game. The 20 core members are here to stay. If you want in with us we would love to have you. If your looking to jump in and take over......keep on walking. We don't need commanders or leaders, we are ok with friends or players.

Membership roles still open are:
Fighter; 30 spots open.
Farmer; 15 spots open.
New player; 10 spots open.

Vetran players wanted but new players welcomed if you willing to learn the right way to play. If you want to learn at your own pace that fine but spots are limited for that. We have held our place in the top 15 guilds for two years. We plan to stay up here and give GVG hell. We are ranked 8th best guild on FOEDB for score. Now we are going to displey that power base to the rest of the world. Come join us. Or just pull up a chair and watch the fun.