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If you would like to be part of a guild that really looks out for it's members and where waiting for trades is NEVER an issue then you will be happy at
We have a unique way of doing things and we are willing to share it with the right players...
So if this sounds good to you send me a msg and I will send your invitation...
Please only msg if you are willing to be an active member who understands that a players success goes hand in hand with their guild's success and you're willing to put forth the effort to help your guild.
We have policies to promote our guild's, and our member's success.
We visit each other regularly, trade fair ( 1 for 1 same age , 2 for 1 next age goods) with each other with guild only trades, while also trading for profit with neighbors!
We also help each other with our Great Buildings and with game tips to help each other's play.

If you are interested in membership, and want to participate in an active guild, please contact Princess Anne to join SEMPER FIDELIS Today !

SEMPER FIDELIS seeks loyal and active members only for a certain period of time so don't let the chance to
ComeGrowWithUs pass you by!

Thank you,
Princess Anne