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Comedy of Eras - Currently Recruiting. (Newbies Welcome)


New Member
Comedy of Eras is currently Recruiting.
Seasoned Players and Newbies are all welcome.

Guild Points:
  • GE and GBG is strongly encouraged
  • The first 8 challenges of the GE are REQUIRED each week.
  • Fair Trades Guidelines followed unless pre-arrangements made
  • Respect all around (Guildmates, other Players and your Enemies)
  • 14 days with out activity will result in dismissal unless prior arrangements have been made with Admin.
  • Guild Consist of Seasoned Players that are willing to answer your questions and give gaming hints and tips.
  • GB building and Print acquisition assistance.
  • Low Requirements with great Support.
  • Long Term Guildmates that provide a friendly environment to learn and grow your village.
  • Room to be a leader in Guild Growth
If you are interested please apply or message one of the admin with questions.

Looking forward to being apart of your FOE journey.