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Captain Christian

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FoE Battle Guide!v.2.02.20
Article I: Introduction

Throughout the centuries of civilization, one thing has always remained prevalent in the human society. War. There have been thousands of wars fought over time, from the great Crusades, to the World Wars, to the War on Terrorism. Humans can not cease fighting. While some may call for peace, the only true way for peace is to be strong enough to cause others to back down. It is only natural that a historical game such as Forge of Empires would have war in its midst. With all the confusing varieties and terms, one can easily get lost amid all the GvGs, GbGs, PvPs, and other abbreviations flying around. That is why we have written this comprehensive guide to help people like you! Welcome to the FoE Battle Guide!
There are five basic unit types, each with their own symbol, strengths, and weaknesses. Every age has one of every unit type, and, from Arctic Future onward, many have multiple types of the same unit.
Age:Light Unit:Fast Unit:Heavy Unit:Ranged Unit:Artillery Unit:
Any AgeRogue and Military DrummerColor Guard
Bronze AgeSpearfighter and ChampionHorsemanWarriorSlingerStone thrower
Bronze Age BonusClubman (Not Obtainable)
Iron AgeSoldier and ChampionMounted WarriorLegionnareArcherBallista
Early Middle AgesMercenary and ChampionHeavy CavalryArmored InfantryMounted ArcherCatapult
Early Middle Ages BonusBarbarianBarbarian Slinger
High Middle AgesBerserker and ChampionKnightHeavy InfantryCrossbowmanTrebuchet
Late Middle AgesGreat Sword Warrior and ChampionHeavy KnightImperial GuardLongbow ArcherCannon
Colonial AgeRanger and ChampionDragoonGrenadierMusketeerField Gun
Industrial AgeJaeger Infantry and ChampionLancerHowitzerRiflemanBreech Loader
Industrial Age BonusBrave WarriorMounted Brave
Progressive EraConscript and ChampionArmored CarTankSniperRapid Fire Cannon
Modern EraBazooka Team and ChampionMechanized InfantryBattle TankParatrooperMechanized Artillery
Postmodern EraCommandoIFVUniversal Tank and ChampionMG TeamRocket Artillery
Contemporary EraStrike TeamAttack HelicopterAssault Tank and ChampionAnti-Aircraft VehicleMissile Artillery
TomorrowUltra APCombat DroneStealth Tank and ChampionAnti-Materiel SniperMicrowave Blaster
Future EraExoskeleton SoldierDrone SwarmHover Tank and ChampionSatellite SpotterRail Gun
Arctic FutureDragon DroneRecon RaiderBattle Fortress, Behemoth, and ChampionSurrogate SoldierPlasma Artillery
Oceanic FutureManta and ScimitarHydroelectic Eel and GlidersOctopod, C.R.A.B. Mech, and ChampionSub Cruiser and NautilusTurturret and Medusa
Virtual FutureAugmented SamuraiWarrior MonkRonin Bot and ChampionNinjaRocket Troop
Space Age MarsSpace MarineSentinelSteel Warden and ChampionTesla WalkerSniperbot
Space Age Asteroid BeltTo Be AnnouncedTo Be AnnouncedTo Be AnnouncedTo Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced
Ancient EgyptKhopesh FighterWar ChariotWar ElephantMounted Camel ArcherNubian Archer
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