[Guide] Comparison of break-even time for all FP-producing GBs

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    This guide is similar to my earlier one on the analysis of Cape. Here we use the same method to compare the time needed to reach break-even in terms of FPs for all FP-producing GBs. I make no recommendations for or against any of the GBs considered here - all but Cape have a second effect, and thus a slow return in FPs does not necessarily mean the GB is not worth building. This guide simply gives you an idea of how quickly you can expect a profit in FPs after power leveling these GBs.

    FP-Producing GBs
    GBs can produce FPs directly or indirectly. In the former case, the player is able to collect FPs directly from the GB. There are 6 direct FP-producing GBs:
    • Hagia Sophia
    • Castel del Monte
    • Cape Canaveral
    • Innovation Tower
    • Arctic Orangery
    • Kraken
    The analysis for these GBs is exactly the same as that of Cape. Please refer to my earlier guide for details. Here we assume all spots are filled at 1.9x.

    There are 2 GBs that may lead to FP rewards with some probability:
    • Temple of Relics
    • Blue Galaxy
    To compare them with the rest, a simple model is presented as follows.

    We make the assumption that the player completes 64 GE encounters on a weekly basis. The expected FP per encounter is given by
    20 x P(20 FP reward) + 100 x P(100 FP reward)
    = 20 x P(relic) x P(common) x 1/7 + 100 x P(relic) x P(uncommon) x 1/6​
    The 1/7 and 1/6 factors are estimates since the exact probability is unknown. The equivalent daily FP reward is then
    64 / 7 x [20 x P(relic) x P(common) x 1/7 + 100 x P(relic) x P(uncommon) x 1/6]​

    To maximize FPs through BG, the player must collect from Indian Palace or Terrace Farm, each giving 5 FPs. We assume the player has enough of these for double-collection attempts. The expected FP is then
    5 x P(double collection) x N_attempt​

    All data is obtained from wikia.

    The figure below shows the time needed to reach break-even as a function of target level for all 8 GBs. A local minimum, representing the level of fastest return in FPs after power leveling, is observed for most of the GBs. This level (L) is tabulated with the corresponding time (D in days) and net investment in FPs to reach it at 1.9x. In ascending order of break-even time:
    1. Cape is the fastest at 236 days at target level 60. It is indeed the best GB for FP production!
    2. Inno Tower: 303 days at target level 65.
    3. HS: 332 days at target level 55.
    4. AO reaches break-even in a little bit over a year: 383 days at target level 57.
    5. CdM: 411 days at target level 55.
    6. Kraken: 515 days at target level 55.
    7. BG is the second worst in this list: 582 days at target level 54. However, this is derived from the maximum of 5 FP per double-collection attempt. If 10 FP buildings are offered in the future, the time to reach break-even would be halved, and BG would become the second best in the list.
    8. The level of fastest return for ToR does not exist, since the curve is monotonically increasing through level 70! This is very different from the 7 other GBs that all have a local maximum at around level 20. Power leveling ToR for the sake of FP profit may not be a good idea.

    GBLDNet FP investment
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    I like you and these math posts. Would you care to put in the cost of leveling each GB to that level? (assuming all 1.9 rewards)
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    In the case of ToR, it's best viewed through breaking it down into frequency of various relics :


    5* gold + silver is an approximation for utility as a source of FP (more or less converting golds into "equivalent silvers").

    One thing to notice to start here is that even a level 1 temple already creates an equivalent of 15 silver relics a week (a bit over 5 silvers + a bit less than 2 golds). It requires getting to level 30 (!) to double this. This is unlike any other building you'd consider for FP purposes.

    The primary reason to level a ToR is for jade relics - if you don't want those, just do what's cheap and leave it sit.
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    Outstanding post. FYI, I collected data on over 580 relics (so far) and the percentages are not the same within each category of relics - but they are really close and I think your assumptions are fine to use. A couple other thoughts:
    • Players leveling GBs this high will eventually go past the optimum level on all of them. I would recommend changing the name to "cheapest" level, because optimum might make people think they should stop there, and the next level might be a lot better than the next level on any other GB
    • In defense of the ToR and BG, neither are just FP GBs, and their value is greatly affected by the value of goods created for players at higher levels.
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    Good suggestion! I've included those numbers now.

    Thank you for sharing your insight!
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    Nov 2, 2016
    Thank you for your suggestion. I agree that the word "optimum" may lead to misinterpretation. I have changed "optimum level" into "level of fastest return after power leveling."

    Yes, I understand the usefulness of ToR and BG. Indeed, the value of goods is not considered in this guide. A complete assessment of BG would require a list of the top N event buildings and the price of goods. It would be interesting to look at when I have time. As an aside, AM can also be considered as an indirect FP-producing GB. I didn't include AM in this guide because there are too many parameters (number of neighbors, percentage of successful attacks, percentage of plundering valuable buildings, etc.) that can vary a lot for different players.

    As for myself, I have ToR but not BG. If we can get multiple buildings that produce more than 5 FPs (preferably 10) I will build BG and power level it. :) As a non-diamond player I don't have enough valuable buildings right now to power level BG.
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    East Nagash, Fel Dranghyr, Jaims, Noarsil, Odhrorvar, Sinerania
    64 in GE every week? That accounts for about 5% of all players.
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    I think that fits well the sort of players who would dig into an analysis of FP producing buildings. If they can't do GE64, they will go, "Why not?", dig in, figure it out, and fix it. The only difficulty is finding a guild that opens GE4 on a regular basis.
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    I know one on Vingrid. :)
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    No, I'm not interested in coming over to your place to see your etchings. o_O
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    Not necessarily correct. Consider this post from the (en) International forum

    Thread Link
    Based purely on the info given in the post above,

    While it would require lvl'ing higher then that to determine whether or not there is an absolute maximum for relic appearances, it is enough to suggest the rate of growth slows down considerably some time between lvls 70-100. Which would effect the level of fastest return if the spawn rate of any relic in general appearing slows to a standstill. Of course without lvling it well above lvl 100 it's impossible to know whether it will ever get to a point of only FP relics. But hypothetically once the spawnrate stops increasing that's the maximum return you could expect with the only possible changing factor being when each type of relic spawns - assuming that wouldn't get stuck at some point too

    (and yes, being from the International forum that could mean slight changes in mechanics between there and here - but it does show there may be a level of fastest return, just you haven't gone high enough to find it)
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    Thanks for the awesome info. Can we add HC in the mix as well please?

  13. LacLongQuan

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    Nov 3, 2012
    Best fp producing gbs for me is the Arc and Chateaux Frontenac.
    Don’t believe it? Check this out:
    Top 50 gbs in the USA server is just Arc and CF.
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    Jan 22, 2018
    That does not make them best fp producing GB's.
  15. LacLongQuan

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    Nov 3, 2012
    At least in my eyes they are:)