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Competition - Spot the Difference!!

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Can you find the 5 differences between these two images?



Post your entry in reply to this thread. You can either upload an image that clearly shows your answers or describe the differences in a comment.

Entries close at 11:59 pm CET on June 14th 2020. After this time, two players with correct entries will be chosen at random to receive 500 diamonds each. The two lucky winners will be announced on June 15th 2020.
Incorrect entries will be disqualified. Any entry made after the close time will be removed. One entry per account.
The rules may change at any given time.
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New Member

1. The leafs
2. Right woman feathers color
3. Middle guy eyes color
4. Left woman bracelet
5. The guy on top of the temple

Super Catanian

Well-Known Member
1. Leaf from branch at the top left missing.
2. Person standing at the top of they pyramid.
3. Bracelet on girl's arm on the left missing.
4. Elder's eyes (center) different colors.
5. Feathers on girl's head on the far right different colors.


Well-Known Member
5 Differences:
  1. The leaf on the tree branch in the top left corner is missing
  2. There is a guy on the top of the temple in the second image, but not the first
  3. The color of the girl on the far right's headdress changes.
  4. The second girl from the left loses a bracelet on her arm.
  5. The middle guy's eye color changes.
1. man in background on building not in first image but is in pic 2.
2. Leaves above woman on left are missing in pic 2.
3. woman on left has a bracelet missing in pic 2.
4. Yellow eyes for pic 1 for the middle guy. Blue eyes on the middle guy pic 2.
5. woman on far right her top feathers in pic 1 are red and in pic 2 they are purple.



1. There is an extra leaf blade at the top left side in the first image, which is absent in the second image.
2. There appears to be a tiny man standing on the structure in the background in the second image, which is absent in the first image.
3. The second lady's wrist has a golden band in the first image, which is absent in the second image.
4. The colour of eyes of the man standing in the middle is yellow in the first image, blue in the second image.
5. Some of the feathers in the last lady's hat are red in the first image, and purple in the second.
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Dame Leela

New Member
Priest sacrificing on temple missing in top pic, Thick bracelet missing on 2nd figure from left, eye color different on center figure, feathers different color on right hand figure's headdress, a leaf missing left of the left loop of hanging vine
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1) Missing leaf
2) Builder in background on temple
3) missing arm band on child
4) eye color changed from yellow to blue
5) headdress colors changed from red to purple

Alpha Persei

Active Member
the guy (or what ever it is ) on top of the idol Aztec structure is gone in the other pic , the old guys eyes are different colours, the queen ( i guess) crown is different colours, the bracelet on the little girl hand is gone. i don't see anything else :D


At the top of the temple building in the background, there is a person or a skeleton that was added in the bottom photo.


Differences from top photo to bottom photo
1. One less leaf hanging down on left side of main branch exposing more of the cloud
2. Bracelet missing from right forearm of female warrior holding falcon
3. Addition of figure on top left of temple by the sun
4. Chief's eye color different
5. Four feathers on right most female warrior's headdress changed from red to purple

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