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Contest day 1

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Capitol building missing statue on top
Lady to right of trolly gone
Smoke missing from chimney
person in front of fountain missing
orange flag to right od capitol missing
Backround building missing round roof peak
Lamp missing round top




I think I found them all and of course, you did 7.:p

  1. Smoke coming from chimney is missing
  2. Steeply piece or whatever that is is missing
  3. Missing a farther away steeple piece
  4. Missing the ball on the top of the building
  5. Lady next to the train
  6. Lady in front of the fountain
  7. Removed the ball on top of the lamp

A little upset at the moment that I may end up in bronze even though I spent real money and diamonds and rushed to get the first 30 or so done. You should have made it to where you got a bonus for finishing the parts faster because now someone who barely played can speed through them in a few days and get past me by getting lucky with the trees(which my luck was horrible according to others I talked to). Just wish players who sped through and worked hard to finish every single one of the quests daily really fast should have some lead over those who skipped days and just got lucky. Again love the game just irritated :(

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Greetings, Queens and Kings!

For the first day of this little celebration, we're asking you to spot the differences in the following loading screen many of you will be familiar with:

Let us know how many differences you can spot - and mark them on the changed loading screen. Make sure to attach the answer to your response!

For this contest, 7 players can win 700 diamonds! Have fun puzzling!

Please submit the correct answer until April 22, 2019. We will pick the 7 lucky winners from all correct answers! :)

If you wish to leave any feedback about the Anniversary Contest, please click here.

Your Forge of Empires Team


missing thing on top of "capitol" building.
no smoke coming out of left side chimney stacks
lady missing on the right
I count five changes (I expected seven).

From left to right:

Upper right smokestack smoke missing.
Spire on cathedral roof missing.
Slightly left of center by the fountain, person missing.
Mid-skyline, spire or pole missing.
Far right, woman missing.Loading_Screen_Different.jpg


Active Member
the spire on the great cupole is missing and one of the churches on the right is straight, when the original has some kind of a bulge


the woman between the Trolly and the Lamp Post on the right hand side of the picture. She is not in both pictures

Darth Mole

Well-Known Member
4 I can see
Dome top missing
Lady on RHS by signpost
Flag post in centre of screen v small
Smoke on chimney stack on left

No idea how to save / mark them on the changed loading screen- perhaps you can explain??
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