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Contest day 1

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1. Smoke missing form triple chimney
2. Ball missing from lamp
3. Statue missing from building dome
4. Missing person under Statue
5. Spire with red flag missing
6.Spire and ball missing from roof
7. Woman missing from sidewalk in front of tram



New Member
1) Smoke missing from chimney stacks
2) Spire on top of dome missing
3) Figure walking next to cable car missing
4) Banner/pole missing
5) Person next to fountain missing
FOE Contest.jpg


New Member
1. The smoke is missing
2. The top of the light post is missing
3. The spire on the building is missing
4. A missing person
5. A small golden flag (I think that's a flag or a banner?) is missing
6. The top of the tower is missing
7. A missing person



smoke missing in left chimney, statue on top of capital building missing,woman missing on right side,


New Member
I saw 5 differences.
1....Top of dome gone.
2....Person in front of fountain missing.
3....Banner at end of building missing.
4....Top of steeple gone.
5....Lady by lamp post gone.



From left to right, no smoke above the building, no spire on the capital bulding, no topper to the spire in the background, no lady walking on the street.



Steeple on the capitol is missing, Smoke on left missing, & Lady on right missing,


There are two differences. one is the top of the dome roof, the other is the missing pedestrian near the far right lamp post.
Not open for further replies.