Contest day 1

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1. woman missing on sidewalk, right side of pic
2. statue missing on large dome top center of pic
3. smoke missing above three stacks top left of pic
4. ball missing on street light left side of pic
5. missing person in back crowd mid center of pic
6. missing red flag in far back center of pic


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7AnnContestDay1_Edited.jpg Day 1: I found the following items missing in the Changed Loading Screen from left to right:
- smoke from the 3 smokestacks
- the knob at the top of the first light on the left
- the spire or statue on the top of the rotunda
- a missing woman to the right of the statue
- a missing flag to the right of the rotunda building
- a missing spire on the top of a tower in the background
- and a missing person by the trolley car
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1) Chimney smoke - upper left
2) Dome Statue
3) left person in front of dome building
4) Red tower - just right of dome building
5) Tip of spire 2 to right of that
6) Lady on right
7) Lamppost nipple on left

My upload kept erroring out... So..


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Top of one of the gaslights is missing.
Lady stroller is missing.
Peak/lightning rod on top of the dome is missing.
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