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Contest day 5

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The Atlantis Museum is the Great Building and it gives the player the skill to double resources when they plunder.........I am player katy7299 and play in houndsmoor.


IIRC, the first OF GB was the Atlantis Museum - gives goods and multiplies a limited number of plunder rewards


The first GB of the Oceanic Future was the Atlantis Museum, which gives a player a chance to double the resources from plundering. It also adds goods from your current age.


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Atlantis Museum
The Atlantis Museum gives the player a chance to double the resources they plunder after successfully defeating a neighbor's defenses, and provides
the player with random goods of your age every 24 hours. From Modern Era onward, it gives the player double unrefined goods for their era.


The first Great Building in Oceanic Future was the Atlantis Museum. Its skills are Plunder and Pillage and also unrefined goods production


Oceanic Champions like crab, eel and turturret were fighting units


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Double Plunder was the skill of the Atlantis Museum, the first Great Building of the Oceanic Future age. It also gave a Goods bonus.
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