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Contest day 5

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Atlantis Museum - skill is double plunder, random goods of your age every 24 hours. From Modern Era onward, it gives the player double unrefined goods for their era


The Atlantis Museum - Double unrefined goods and double Plunder

Also Units - Manta with new skill Poison
- Turturret with new skill Mortar


The first great building of the Oceanic Age was the Atlantis Museum. However, what's considered a skill? Nothing in the official wiki entry for this building refers to a skill. If you're referring to boosts, there are two of them: "Goods Production" and "Plunder and Pillage." Although, "Goods Production" is listed first, I'm guessing you are actually looking for "Plunder and Pillage," as it's the first unique boost for great buildings of this age.

In the future, please be more specific on your clue verbiage.


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Though i was not around at the time e believe it was Atlantis Museum and it's skill is X2 plunder rewards


The blue Galaxy the skill was dbl collect on first 4 goods building


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The Kraken is a new Great Building that comes with a new skill: First Strike.
At the start of the next several fights, there is a chance a unit from the enemy's defense army will be killed immediately. This only applies to the first wave of a battle.
On top of the First Strike skill, The Kraken will also produce Forge Points.
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