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Contest day 6

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Greetings, Queens and Kings!

2018 brought the Reconstruction Mode to the game, which was one of the most requested features of the game. The research "Mathematics" was needed to unlock it, but now it is on you to use some mathematics to solve the following puzzle!

For this contest, 7 players can win 250 goods of your choice! Have fun calculating!

Please submit the correct answer until April 28, 2019. We will pick the 7 lucky winners from all correct answers! :)

If you wish to leave any feedback about the Anniversary Contest, please click here.

Your Forge of Empires Team
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Answer = 36

Statue of Zeus = 5
Bones Detrius = 15
Dragon Relic = 7
Viking Boat = 21
Final image = 36

Thurfyr of Odhrorvar
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