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Contest day 7

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My favorite memory was starting to play yesterday. Yesterday, my favorite memory was the day before. Each day that I am able to play is sure to create a new favorite memory from the satisfaction of solving the many challenges of FoE. Whether the challange is in combat, making the most of available space, daily quests or even saving the Eskimos. Regardless, I truly enjoy the challenges and look forward to even more. I hope to see us make it to the moon and colonize named provinces on the moon. After that, a Mars landing would surely be in order. I can even imagine building a generation ship with different decks making the stars unlimited in our future. Anyhow, thanks for making FoE truly memorable.


I was doing a Viking settlement. I had done well on several and had kind of goofed off on my most recent one. I looked and time left and was shocked to see only 2 days and I was no where close to finished. I then got busy and calculated and studied and charted out an entire hour-by hour plan to barely finish. I rearranged, bought and sold stuff repeatedly and spend a while doing 5-minute productions to earn some extra copper. I executed the plan perfectly and indeed finished with just an hour or two remaining. I felt very accomplished!


My favorite memories have to be the excitement of getting everything together to stand up a new GB. The first 10+ great buildings I was literally walking on clouds the entire day.


I would say when I finally left my dead guild and joined a higher-ranked one. I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel for leveling my Arc to 80.


New Member
Finding a GUILD that will work together and help each other. I found it and became a leader which allows you to learn even more, help people even more and invest in their game experience. Recently, I have started reading the forums and even have created my own forum post for Plundering. I now am contemplating whether to become a Moderator and help even more people play this game. Maybe soon you will hear from me.


All the times that I have gotten laughing headaches when chatting on the threads. One time, the subject is probably completely inappropriate, so I won't mention it, the chat went on for hours and I could not stop laughing. There are some awesome people in my guild. :)


Good Day.......I am a recent player of the Game, Forge Of Empires......My spouse has 3 years seniority playing this game, having founded and run her own guild......which is ranked anywhere from 15-25. She has since rejoined , and is founder of the Stonehedge Guild, which I am currently a member. I picked up this game for the challenge and meeting new friends. I also use this game to improve my short term memory loss and difficulties I experience on a medical daily basis. Last fall, my whole body and brain ceased to function. I spent 33 days in a coma in critical care ICU, then transferred to a special care hospital, for 36 days, where I endured trach removal, learned how to walk again, along with Physio and Occupational Therapy. I was discharged home, with continued care. I have since discarded my walker, periodically use a cane. Since I am at home, this game fills my hours.....I find this game challenging, rewarding.....an I am part of a great Guild. So......I am very thankful...and will continue to play for many years to come. Thank you.....Dennis Villebrun....Appleton Wisconsin.


I started playing FOE in November. I found it to be a great diversion. We went on vacation in South Africa at the end of December and I found myself in the middle of Kruger National Park, playing FOE in between our forays into the bush. Hard to beat that experience.

Lord Darkain

Senior Ingame Moderator
Taking over leadership of the guild ModernEthics on B is a good memory. The Founder disappeared and I had to contact Support who then made me the Founder. The guild has been a great drama free guild to run which is a great testament to the players in the guild who have made it that way. It is my sixth year with this game and that has been a great memory as well.

Victoria and Albert

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I have quite a few favorite memories. I remember the very first time I discovered I had a friend. A little yellow star showed up over my obelisk . I found out who had aided me and we still aid each other almost 3 years later. In fact, I still have a group of 10 friends who I have had since my first night playing this game. I remember the first player to join my guild. I remember the first week I played the game when I would set my alarm clock to catch the Treasure Hunts at 4 and 8 hours. I remember my first GB was a Zeus statue. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to put my bee keeper into production for the first time. I remember my guild's first gold trophy. I remember staying up late going through my city like I was a tourist taking a tour. I remember my first quest line I finished - the cherry blossom quest - and putting together my beautiful Japanese garden. I remember putting up my spectacular Notre Dame, despite everyone telling me how useless it was. It didn't matter. I still think it is lovely and even more symbolic since the fire. I remember the moment I put up my Alcatraz and thinking it was so lovely for penitentiary. I remember how upset I was when it became clear that I would no longer be the points leader or GE leader in my guild. I remember the disappointment I felt when one of our original members messaged me that he would be leaving the game and I felt like I had lost a friend.

But one of my funniest memories was when I first got my Napoleon riding through my city. Each time I opened the game on my phone, I would practically pin my nose to the screen scanning for the white horse and majestic rider. One Sunday, I was intent on finding Napoleon and out of the corner of my eye I saw a white horse go by my window. "That's it!" I shouted to my family, "Now I am hallucinating Napoleon's horse, full size, galloping by!" I threw the phone down. Just then, I looked out the other window of the house to see a very real rider on a white horse ride by my house.
It seemed like just another time when my fantasy FOE world had crossed over to my real world.
I see FOE as part of my life.
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On;y started playing about a month ago, but have really enjoyed the game. Favorite memory, completing my first cultural settlement!
Greetings, Queens and Kings!

It is the last day of our little celebration and today we would like to know your favorite memory of playing Forge of Empires! The winners will be randomly chosen, so small and big memories have a chance to win!

For this contest, 7 players can win 700 diamonds! Have fun writing!

Please submit the correct answer until April 30, 2019. We will pick the 7 lucky winners from all presented memories! :)

If you wish to leave any feedback about the Anniversary Contest, please click here.

Your Forge of Empires Team
I love the challenges, and I have met people from all over the world it is incredible. One of my best friends on here is from Greece, and I never would have met her without Forge of Empires. The Moderators are fair and really try to solve problems and glitches, I am very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. I have played other games, but always return to this one. I love the new levels, I wish they didn't have quite as many contests, it gets redundant sometimes, but other than that I don't have any complaints. I like that the items move or have holograms and there are different birds and deer and rabbits that move and hidden extras with coins and supplies you can find daily. It is fun to compete in battles and belong to a Guild that some are like family members. I love my one Guild the Amazons it brings my heart joy. I really like the creativity of the buildings and Great Buildings, they are amazing. Thanks for giving me such joy, and years of wonderful fun, and fellowship.


My favorite memory is sharing tips and tricks with my guild mates. I had always wanted to do a radio show so I set one up in my tavern. I mock interview a group of my mates drinking at tables incorporating a tiny bit of real life to help everyone get to know each other as well as tips they supposedly were sharing for the current event. Had a great time doing commercials as well. One interview I have reused several times is this.
And here we have Tom sleeping, dont give him more to drink. He forgot to set his alarm before going to bed so his 3 kids sucked out his brain while he was sleeping, made playdough characters out of it, then shoved it back in. If he was awake he'd just keeps repeating," set the alarm on your phone before you logoff so you know when to come back." It helps prevent plundering and makes the game move faster.


when I spent diamonds to buy a windmill and finally earn big supplies...:rolleyes:


My favorite memory was right after I joined my current guild, I remember trying GE out for the first time, before Level 4 had been introduced. My city was still fairly new so it was a little difficult, I don't believe I even finished, but after the week was over I opened up the general chat and saw I had been thanked for my hard work as both a new player and a new member of the guild. It felt great for a number of reasons, mainly that it showed this guild was really active and attentive. My old guild would only talk to each other if they needed something, so this was a lovely change of pace for me, and made the game much more fun as a whole. :)


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I have lots of pleasant memories and couldn't possibly decide which one is my favorite.

Here's one:

I was in the Industrial Age and my city wasn't very advanced then. A player kept attacking and plundering me. They took some losses, but it wasn't enough to make them stop. They had a bunch of Ritual Flames in their city, along with some high level defensive GBs.

One day, i had enough. I turned on the 30% attack boost in my tavern, used a 20% attack boost from my inventory and embarked on my path for vengeance...

Only to find their city was defended by two Spearfighters.

Needles to say, I kept returning every day for as long as we were neighbors. That was the last time they attacked me.
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