Contest: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be? Fictional and non-fictional

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I would go to Japan. The culture, food, and people are unique and different than most other cultures. Their philosophic views on things like family, nature, education are to be emulated. Their connection to their history. Their "way" of doing things has shaped all 1st World Nations indelibly. Did I mention the food? And their reverence for the "gifts" that Mother Nature provides.
The Natural beauty. Mt. Fuji. Kobe. The West coast. They're "connected" to nature, yet have a Warriors mentality. Samauri. Bushido. Hakiku. Tea ceremonies. Kendo. The Knives!(I'm a Pro Chef) No one makes steel, better than the Japanese. Not even German steel. Bullet trains. The Tokoyo-Yokahama "twin cities"; the vibrant "metropolitan" 24 life style. Toonami. Hentai. Everything significant in our culture, originated in Japan. This is why I feel that *if* I could go to anyplace in the World, I would go there first!


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Xanth, created by the author Piers Anthony.
It is located south of Mundania, which is where I currently live.
Each citizen of Zanth is born with one magical talent.
I'd visit multiple spots along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I maintain a large reef aquarium in my home and am continually fascinated by this mini-ecosystem. I'd love to watch it grow in the wild in person. Coral growth takes LOTS of time... time I will certainly take when I visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Z world.
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