Continent Map Enemy Armies and Negotiation Goods .2

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  1. William21

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    Jan 15, 2013
    This is the last version I will be uploading. Thanks to all those that have contributed, especially shMike. With the 1.0 update some of the defending units have changed so that info may be off, however I believe it is mostly correct. If anyone wants to keep the file alive and update it and such feel free to, just give me some credit please.

    The file was created with Excel 2007. Go to this website and click on Slow Download.

    (if that filehost is not ok with the mods, i will try and find a better one.)
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  2. Arheus

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    I continued William21's work and updated the file with Progressive Era data. I intend to do another update after information on Alcatraz is released (1.07) and after we manage to gather data on PE world map provinces.

    Players who are already working your way through the new provinces: please post province information as you fight along, it would help a lot. I will try to work my way through the map and gather data as fast as possible, but that will definitely take a while.

    Meanwhile, you can download the current version here - - I saved it as an .xls so it can be opened by even older versions of Excel.
  3. hrsegrrl

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    I'd like to see PE and ME data added to this sometime soon. It's helped me plan ahead so much better for taking over new sections of the map.
  4. PhantomForger

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Arheus has already created an updated version for PE. The thread has been cleaned up so that only the needed posts are present. It was really hard to reach to the guide which was actually on page 7 in the thread. Everyone who has contributed with information has been credited in the guide itself.

    The guide is currently under construction, it will be updated with ME at a later point.

    Link to the original thread:
  5. hrsegrrl

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    So where can I find the updated version?
  6. PhantomForger

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    Sep 27, 2012
  7. Lichilippr

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    Dec 4, 2014
    Territory Negotiation - File not available.

    The FoE link redirects me back to this page and I've tried to open all the fileswap links. I've gotten the following error when I try to open each one. Where can I find an updated list?

    The file you requested has not been found or may no longer be available.
  8. PhantomForger

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    Sep 27, 2012
    That would be something only Arheus can answer, if you look above he's the one who has posted that link (and uploaded his work to give us that link). He may have removed it or moved it elsewhere and thus the link no longer works. I had a copy lying around, I'll try and see if I can find it. There is no updated list as far as I'm aware.
  9. ShadowCub

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    And Arheus last logged in almost 2 years ago and the last mention was a planned update for 1.07, but the file is gone.

    I don't suppose anybody else kept the file and has been updating it to the current 1.55 release?
  10. One Major

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    Oct 24, 2015
    Yeah this place is pretty dead...

    This is what I get when I visit the OP's link, "The file you requested has not been found or may no longer be available."

    So I guess even the MODS ain't doing their job...

    IMPO this thread needs editing or deletion.... It was a complete waste of time....

  11. ByeOrDie

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    Feb 5, 2014
    PhantomForger answered that here:
    And there is a guide up to the PE here:
  12. plbpardo

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    Apr 12, 2014
    I played this game a year ago, and I got into it...but I just got bored. I am picking it up back up and I was trying to find this list online and seems pretty hard to do so. I just went though my pc, and I found it!!

    here is the link of the file I have. I used it so its missing the early stages of the game since I was erasing them as I went through it, I am sorry for that. I did not made this list!
  13. Ruby Rainfall

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    Apr 12, 2014
    The link doesnt take us to anything.

    This thread needs deleting really.