Contributing to Great Buildings

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Create a drop down menu that shows all of the great buildings that don't belong to the player that the player is contributing to.

Current System (if applicable)
You can currently click on the great building icons of guild members and friends to see which great buildings they have and which ones you have contributed to.

My proposal would be to have a drop down menu of all of the great buildings a player is currently contributing to and links to go directly to that building. It would also show how many FPs have been given at that moment, and if room, what rank you currently have.

Abuse Prevention
I don't believe my proposal would cause any concern with regard to abuse.

Visual Aids

I am in a position to contribute to quite a number of great buildings belong to guild members and tavern friends. However, I am spending an substantial amount of time trying to remember which ones are active, which ones I wanted to contribute more to, and which ones. I believe this tweak would save a lot of time on the part of generous players.


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As stated above, this is already implemented in the GB contributions window of the GB tab. Then, when searching for a particular person and then click on them, you may view their GBS and the ones you contribute to show up first I believe. Also, they show your actual contribution amount on the right.

Stephen Longshanks

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I am going to close this thread, as this is already available both on PC and on mobile. On PC, simply click on your Town Hall, click on the "News" tab, then click on "Great Buildings" and up will pop a page by page listing of every GB that you currently are contributing to. On mobile, it is the right hand button on the right hand row of buttons that slides into view when you tap on the arrow. The row has "Messages", "Guild Expedition", "Guild" and then "Great Buildings". Tap the Great Buildings button, then tap the Contribution List tab and you will see that same listing of every GB you are currently contributing to.
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