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Convert to FP Pack prize

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Create a new prize for Daily Quest and/or GE that when used will allow you to convert a set amount of FPs in your FP bar to FP packs.

You can create different sizes for the prize that correlate to the current FP packs. The larger the amount the more rare as a prize.

Stephen Longshanks

Before anyone else posts about the format, I believe that this proposal is sufficiently clear as it is.
I think it would be nice to have some different types of rewards, and this one wouldn't change the game balance very much if they were rare enough. I wouldn't want this to be a very common reward, but it would be fine occasionally. +1


-1 plenty of ways to get packs already in the game . Learn the current methods of pack conversions then revisit your suggestion then we can discuss how to make the game auto collect, all aid , and any other large amout of other topic that have been suggested before and were not supported


Well-Known Member
-1 No.

I don't believe it benefits the game to lock up more FPs into storage. Keep the FPs flowing. If you want FP packs, invest in others' GBs to earn reward spots. All the FPs rewarded end up in packs.


Inno has very deliberately gone the route of wanting folks to spend the fps in the bar, not dump them directly into storage.



Too susceptible to abuse IMO. And @RazorbackPirate and @Clara Osgood have both stated my views on the subject. First, Inno clearly doesn't want players hoarding tons of FP in their inventory (too bad, I'll do it anyway), so they've been moving FPs to the bar. Second, if you want to build up a stock of FP, GB investments are the best way of doing it, combined with an Arc. Bar FPs these days are pretty cheap, so using them to grab GB spots where you can get a return is where you want to spend them.


Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
-1 As stated above, spend them to convert them. Even then it's not like they stay in inventory very long if you are smart. The more you spend, the more you make.

Stephen Longshanks

Since this falls under the updated DNSL, I will close this thread.
Not open for further replies.