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We are a small, level 13, East-Nagach guild, currently of 13 members. We assist one another via a daily forge point (fp) swap, advice on gameplay, and trades. Our membership currently ranges from the Progressive, through Post Modern Eras, and we seek members of all ages (especially those of earlier ages). Please read the guide below:

Counsel of Trees has been founded to provide community and support for new and existing members in need of and/or willing to provide such. Commaraderie and integrity, we seek.


(1) Treat each other and fellow players with respect
(2) Aid both guild and non-guild players daily
(3) Support great buildings of both guild and non-guild members
(4) Offer advice to new and existing guild and non-guild members
(5) Make active attempts to level up the guild by executing expeditions, fighting battles, or donating goods to the guild treasury
(6) Enjoy your gameplay, be it for war, commerce, or communion.

Helpful starting hints and practices:
(1) To make the best use of your city's area, use the wikipage on buildings to maximize and balance population, production, and military.
(2) When considering residential structures, it is best to have at least two types (one which produces short term, and another which produces at a longer interval)-- note that residential, production, and goods buildings will not continue to produce unless you have taken possession of their production, i.e., coins, supplies, or materials.

(2) Purchase forge points with your surplus coins, and reinvest those forge points into either research, or the leveling up of great buildings.

(3) Visiting the taverns of your friends can create tavern silver for both you and your friends, and in some instances, forge points.... so do so every opportunity you get.

(4) Engage in expeditions for the guild to help level the guild up. Leveling up translates into increased bonuses in attack/defense strength of your military units, and production/construction bonuses for all guild members, once certain levels are reached.

(5) Trading in the marketplace is free (does not cost a forge point) between members of the same guild.

(6) Contributing to the leveling up of great buildings (whether owned by guild, or non-guild members) can pay off pretty well, in forge points returned, blueprints awarded, and medals.

(7) Diamonds are really tough to come by, so use them very sparingly.