Creating A Support Ticket

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On rare occasions, you may experience an issue with which you need some additional assistance. Forge of Empires has a Support Team to help. Begin by choosing the Support button on the Main Welcome Page where it says 'Help" and then choose "Support" OR right-click your mouse while in the game and choose 'Support' from the menu. You will need to sign in to the Support system.

On the left hand side of the screen you will see any tickets you have created in the past (image in blue below.) On the right hand side is where you will create a new ticket. Choose the World you are experiencing the issue and the type of issue you are having (image in red below.)
Types of Tickets
Ban Appeals - appeals when a player has been given a temporary or permanent ban
Breach of Rules - notification to Support of alleged breach of rules by another player
Bugs - reporting of potential issues
Login Issues - inability to log in to a world, etc.
Mobile - issues related to using your mobile device
Other - anything not covered by another category
Premium - issues pertaining to diamonds
Questions - assistance with email validation, password changes, general questions​

The new ticket will ask you for the ticket title in the subject line (image in red below.) Please provide a complete description of your issue in the content box (image in blue below.) The more information you provide to the Support staff, the easier it will be for the staff to resolve your issue. When applicable, provide dates, times, names (players, great buildings, etc.) Attach screenshots if it will help to explain your issue. Then press the green 'Create' button and your ticket is on its way to Support.

Whenever you receive a response to a ticket you will also receive a message in the game notifying you of this. To read responses, and to access past tickets, simply go to the support area. You will be able to see the ticket titles, the worlds, the last response to them, and their status. Here are the possible statuses:
Open - this means a moderator has not responded to the ticket yet
Answered - this means an answer from the support staff has been received, and you can reply to that if you have something to add
Resolved - this means either you have clicked "My issue is resolved" or a moderator has marked it as such (because no further replies are needed/there is nothing else to add)
Closed - this means the ticket has basically been "archived", it can no longer be replied to (though you can still access the ticket)​

To access your ticket and any responses from the support staff, simply click on the ticket title.

Below you can see how the ticket's status changes when there is an answer to the ticket we created previously (notice in the image above the status has a red light and it says 'Open' while in the image below it has a green light and it says 'Answered'). The support team tries to answer as soon as possible, but depending on the issue they may need to attempt to recreate it or to look up information, which make take a while.

When you open a ticket you'll be able to see a few things - the ticket title, the option to set your issue to resolved, your own info on the ticket subject, a moderator's response, the ability for you to respond to the moderator's answer, the ability to add attachments (screenshots for an issue), for some type of tickets you have the ability to rate the moderator's response, and finally you have a button to return to the main support area (where you see the listing of your tickets). You can see all of these in the image below.

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