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Do Not Suggest Custom flavor text for PvP Arena.

Would you like to customize your outgoing message in PvP?

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Idea: Allow custom text for PvP arena attack window and use Cmap text for bot players.

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Yes. None found

Reason: " You will never defeat me and my army!" Is the default and only text visible in the PvP arena when attacking anyone. Not only is this statistically untrue, but it's a boring line.

- We have the ability in our town hall to write an intro for our city. And a similar one in the guild menu to give a brief description of what our guilds expect or want to do all visible to the public when they choose to interact with us. This is no different.

- on the Cmap different areas have different avatars and their 'flavor text' changes with them. Using these lines as a default line for the bot players at least changes that once in a while.

Details: Offer a text selection menu in the PvP arena where we can customize our defense armys message to attacking players and use the flavor text from the Cmap when using bot players according to their avatars.

Visual Aids: none available.

Balance: none needed as it would not affect any area of actual gameplay

Abuse Prevention: none needed outside of existing text based limits already set within the game. ( blocking links and offensive terms etc. )

Summary: Offering a little bit of flavor text, or the option of it adds some level of engagement with minimal if any alterations to how the game works. And changing it up for the bot players allows at least something mildly different from battle to battle.


FOE Team
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