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D.C. Inc™


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Lowest Prices Around!™
DC Goods Inc.™ of Jaims is a large, independently run business that currently sells goods in Jaims. We at D.C.G. believe in family values and hard work. That's why 100% of our profits are donated to the M.E. foundation, helping level great buildings since 2020.

If you'd like to order, please fill out this order form including your player name and package selection.
Type:What's included:Price:
Chateau Frontenac Package:
  • 450 Asbestos
  • 300 Explosives
  • 350 Gasoline
  • 200 Machine Parts
  • 450 Tinplate
135 Forge Points, and 875 Bronze Age or higher goods.*
Alcatraz Package:
  • 250 Asbestos
  • 400 Explosives
  • 350 Gasoline
  • 500 Machine Parts
  • 250 Tinplate
135 Forge Points, and 870 Bronze Age or higher goods.*
Bulk Package:
(Temporarily Discontinued)
  • 500 Asbestos
  • 500 Explosives
  • 500 Gasoline
  • 500 Machine Parts
  • 500 Tinplate
185 Forge Points, and 1250 Bronze Age or higher goods.*
* NOTE: There is a small transaction fee of five Forge Points for every purchase.
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I will soon be updating this listing to include more seller reviews, and our new catolouge! Since i have moved into modern era, we will soon be selling ME goods!
Also our bulk pe package is unfortunately temporarily discontinued, as i am not in PE right now.
I will soon introduce a iron era goods option, so STAY TUNED!!