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Daily Quest Army


Since Daily quests were added to the game, I have been able to complete every one of them except one ( X amount of 8 hour productions , was too busy irl to do it months ago). A couple weeks ago, defeating pre-generated armies was added as one of the tasks to complete the daily quest. All of the battles have been ok. some simple, some medium difficulty and one very difficult, that I got lucky and defeated it. I have another one of those very tough ones today. I have all potion and tavern boosts activated that I have. Btw, I am in Colonial era with Cath, and Zeus at lvl 8, and have a Royal Marble gateway. I have had no other attack increasing buildings become avail. to me since I started playing game.

The army I have to defeat for daily quest is: Wave I - 6 fast and 2 Rogue, Wave II - 4 light and 4 Heavy. All enemy units are Colonial era and have 40% bonus to their attack and defense. Sounds kinda simple, but because of the bonus that the game has given the enemy armies, they take too many hits to defeat. I have tried many different combinations of colonial era units, and have lost dozenS of them with no success. If anyone know of a good army to attempt to defeat these waves with, please respond. ty. I still have some of all types of Colonial era units (including Champ, color guard, rogues, and Mil. Drumm) to attempt again.

Considering the game basis each players' daily quests on their city, I think this 'army' is too 'op' for my city. Yes, I know I can just not complete the daily quest, but that defeats the purpose, imo. When I get the next 'op army' as a task in the next week or two, I will waste dozens of more units and my time on not defeating it. Thus, every week or two, I will be one day short of eligibility for the 7 daily quests complete reward. I do not think this is what the game designers had in mind.

If game programmers would look into this, i would appreciate it. Even if it means resetting todays daily quest. Hope we can work something out.