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Daily quest - GE task


Today, one of my daily tasks is to solve two GE encounters by fighting. Ten hours prior to daily quest generating it's tasks, I completed all GE encounters except the last three of the 4th (final) level available. Tried many fights with different troop and bonus combinations. However, with the enemy units att/def. bonuses and the 16 enemies needed to be killed per encounter, I will not be able to defeat these encounters. I decided to negotiate the last 3 encounters just to be done with it. Seems very odd to me that the game would generate a task like this with only the last 3 GE encounters available..... Just logged into game to check a few things and noticed the daily quest now shows I have successfully completes the task. very odd. Anyone else have a similar situation to this ?


Yep, it happens with provinces and research techs when you don't have any available


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I'm surprised. Maybe I misunderstood. This is about DC Quests?

I have yet ro see a DC Quest for GE after I finished level 3. Two cities, one finishes lvl 4 every week by Thursday, the other typically stops at the end of level 3 Wednesday night. I do the DC every day in the latter city, so I;ve done dozens of DCs in that city afret completing level 3, post level 4

But it's been only 10 weeks, seems a lot longer... Call it 50 DCs. Not enough sample size to say it never happens.

Same goes for Tech, Sector CMap Quests with no scouted Provinces, or a request to Scout a Province. I heven't seen any of those 3 either, that sample size is bigger, call it 125 DCs or so.

But heck, I am lucky on Quests, DCs, and Events.

I think this is the first time I've seen anyone say anything about getting any of thise four DC Quests.

Anyone seen any of those 4 DC Quests?