Deadly Librarians are looking for a few good books

The Deadly Librarians are looking for good people. You know who you are.​
But, are we good enough for you? Here are a few facts about us to help you decide:

This week, we rank 24 out of 1662
We generally have 70-80 members, all active. How?
We are easy to join, but harder to stay in:
Open access, space permitting. No invitation or application necessary.
There is no member tenure.
Fulfill requirements for GE participation 22/48
Don't go inactive for a week
No drama
Don't saturate our markets with unfair trades to dysfunction
And you can stay​
If you leave or are removed, you are welcome back any time, no questions asked. Life happens.
(Note: The game enforces a 1 week cool down period.)​
We work hard at GE. We always buy level 3 each week. Sometimes level 4.
We do GvG as opportunities permit, but are not a total-war guild.
We try to be good neighbors.​
We refer all new members to our most excellent observatory program, which
seeks to provide fair and rapid access to blueprints at low cost.​
Very active FP swap and sticks-bricks threads.
If you don't know something, just ask. We educate.

Some philosophy:
Most people mean well and are good folks. A few don't. They might be 13. Generally, librarians don't appeal to them on general grounds and they stay away. Our people are good people.

We educate and promote advancement. It makes for better guild members.

We are especially sensitive to the needs of good players. Good people leave if they don't get what they need, and we can't have that. The leadership considers it has failed if we do not serve up GE level 3 reliably every week. You need it for unattached units, etc. You should be able to rely on it. We do level 4 when the prizes merit. The markets are liquid, and tend to be almost all fair trade, but we aren't going to throw a fit if you want to buy Alcatraz goods for forge points at decidedly unfair rates. If in the rare case the markets aren't working for you, we will usually step in on request to get you what you need at fair trade, so that it works and you can move forward. Sticks to bricks and other redistributionalist programs with no direct to guild benefit are voluntary. Instead of requiring weekly donations, you are strongly encouraged to keep an observatory. The guild observatory program will level it up for you, once you have one. As many top guilds simply require one for membership, this is of lasting value to you.

If you like what you see, you are probably a good fit. Come and stay for a day, a week or a year.
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I'm looking for a new guild. the one im currently in isn't very consistent, FP SWAP threads stay pretty dormant and trades on trade offer threads sit there for a week untouched, etc. this guild has a robust trading community within it? can you explain how the obs program works? thank you