DeathDealers are recruiting



We are recruiting active, friendly members, who either do not have a Guild of may not be satisfied in their current Guild. - If you are happy where you are please ignore this message, we are not trying to upset anyone.

We have created a strong, collaborative, friendly and well organised guild, nearly 30 members and counting, where people help one another to progress, participate in the Guild Expedition, and collaborate to try to ensure all goods are available so that everyone can quickly get the goods they are missing. The trading of FP for the levelling of buildings is also organised so as to maximise chances of receiving prizes on GB without losing out on development of your own GB

We are looking for active members who are interested in participating in the GE each week, (we are gradually increasing the minimum requirement but will stop at 16 encounters).

We also want members who also take an interest in helping other guild members where possible. Also we expect members to contribute to the guild treasury

Our members are currently EMA and Iron - but we are already a level 5 guild (Recruitment and healing of units 4% quicker, buildings 1% cheaper) after only being formed a month ago , we have achieved 2 second prizes in our first weeks competing in GE. We eventually want to be challenging for 1st every week, with members participating in lvl 4 difficulty.

If you believe you are of the calibre we are looking for and are interested, we will send you an invite to DeathDealers, please do not assume from the name that we are unfriendly.