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The Debate Hall has additional rules over and above the Forum Rules, precisely because of the nature of debate:

Rule #1 --- RESPECT (No personal insults or ad hominems)
Rule #2 --- The Original Post (OP) defines the parameters of discussion, within reason
Rule #3 --- Posts must be legible (no spam, no incoherent rambling)
Rule #4 --- 15 Page Rule (a thread will be locked after 15 pages, 150 total posts)
Rule #5 --- No Conspiracy Theories
Rule #6 --- No Religion vs Science Debates (fallacy)
Rule #7 --- No Bashing or Hate-Directed Discussions
Rule #8 --- No Spam or Off-Topic Comments
Rule #9 --- No plagiarism (avoid copyright infringement, post only a portion of an article and cite your source).

Recommended topics include:

  • Topical (newsworthy) issues
  • Events that are troubling us as a Human Race
  • Events that are troubling the Earth and its creatures
  • Theme-oriented topics (a monthly event)
  • Op-Eds that do not revolve around the lockable issues
  • In-depth/esoteric debates

Recommended actions:

  • Report Violations --- If a violation is committed or suspected, do NOT reply and instead use the reporting system to report the alleged violation. Let the moderators manage and enforce the community's rules.
  • References --- Provide reputable links, cite your sources, list your references, quote and provide attribution.
  • Limited use of Logical Fallacies --- logical fallacies should be kept to a minimum. Intentional and excessive use of logical fallacies is discouraged.
  • Use the Reputation System --- Reputation is an excellent means to pose agreement/disagreement without having to spam a thread with one-liners like, "I agree" and "QFT."
  • Be Friendly --- If you are unable to be friendly, be courteous. If you are unable to be courteous, be professional. Debates have the potential to become heated, but it is your responsibility to keep a lid on your emotions.
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Hi All,

Just a reminder that the Debate rules and Forum rules are still in effect. Please reread the rules and report any violations. Particularly, do not publicly respond to a post you deem is in violation of these rules, as it derails discussions and serves no great purpose. Let's work together and support each other to ensure the Debate Hall remains a viable form of entertainment and an outlet for social interaction. We don't all have to agree, we just need to remember all of us have feelings and can be hurt by insensitive remarks that may seem humorous at the moment.

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